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General life update 5

If you seen my other forum posts, I always talk about this other community I’m apart of and frequently hang out there.

There’s this guy that I see sometimes here and there, he used to comment on most of my posts and we would just have a convo in the comment section. Noticed he always had a bit of a bias towards me.

Never really took interest in them, just saw them as an acquaintance. But recently he’s been like flirting with me and stuff and its weird cause he thinks im super strange but wants to know everything about me at the same time(everyone says im weird but not in a completely bad way)

And he very vaguely admits that he likes me more than what he’s leading on.

It was a bit flattering cause I have low self-esteem and knowing that someone sees me like that makes me feel good I guess but then he started pushing the boundaries a bit and I got uncomfortable.

I tried to tell him that I’m not really all that interested but he kept insisting that he just wanted me to like him and thats all. But I still don’t know what that means cause I just told him im not interested and I didn’t want him to really try cause he already did and I just didn’t see anything there for me to consider.

Also found out that my dad is still cheating so I’m just pretending that its not even happening. Like I’m just done man, I can’t stress anymore.

School is also getting tough and I have to think about the future now which makes me uncomfortable because everyday I just feel like a small child. I don’t want to grow up. Mom is not much help either emotionally and to this day I still have a grudge against her. So communicate is rough


Hiya, I’m sorry this is happening you you.

We have seen some of your other posts, but it was quite a bit ago. Last time we read you had been worrying about your worth to people, and I hope you don’t feel that way now.

If he has a bias against you sounds like the “interest” he has in you is more so personal gain via stalking. And if you mean that’s he’s been posting here on this forum, and forcing himself on you, mods can have a handle on that immedialty. No one on this forum tolerates predatory actions or stalking. Just send the screenshots to a mod and they will do something about it immediately.

As said before, sounds like he thinks he has something to gain by getting close to you, I defiently would not trust this. If it’s in your server please tell a mod immediatly. Please also make sure to be careful of the people you put your trust in, in the future. It sounds like hes interested in you because he thinks you’re weird, and he wants to know more possibly to use it against you. Who really knows what his goal is. If you’re in a server where people call you weird, you’re clearly not in a very kind server. I’m sure you’re not that weird as there are many unique people out there, and for people like me, we take weird on a very high scale, because we have seen alot.

Also, if he is an adult, please take serious note of everything and report it because I’m guessing by school you mean highschool. Even if it feels flattering, as you said, that’s your low self esteem talking, the need for someone to care about you. Don’t listen to it, that need can take you to very very unhealthy places.

It sounds like he is leaving you no room to reject, with “want you to like him”. There is no “that’s all” to that, if he’s forcing himself on you screenshot and report. There is no room for trust or empathy in this person. He is clearly gaslighting you by using your empathy.

I’m sorry your dad’s still doing that, I’m guessing you don’t want to tell your mom because the communication issues, I don’t blame you for being tired, it sounds like alot to deal with. I hope you and your mom can work things out.

I know how that feels, not wanting to grow up. Growing up, but still feeling like a little bud in the soil, you don’t want to grow because you still don’t understand the world, it’s a big confusing and scary place, and alot of it seems impossible to work through and there are so many obstacles that get bigger by the day. But you will get there, no matter how slow it takes, or how rough it gets, you will get somewhere nice where you can grow in the light, big and strong :sunflower: it just takes time. School will be difficult, but you can still get through it :sparkles: you’ll get there.

Please take care of yourself, and protect yourself.


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Ah! It’s not really in this forum, Im just saying in my forum posts I tend to mention this other community that I’m in where you vent just like this one. It’s just like an app with a very small community, we’re kinda like neighbors. I have some friends that call me weird but I know they aren’t really doing it in a mean spirited way. Sometimes they put /j so I know they’re playing but I have those people who are out there who do it to be mean. I often call myself weird so I don’t see an issue. People tend to call me a colorful or unique individual which sounds nicer and I like it

Also you might be right about him, cause he is a little creepy. Sometimes he comments so he could automatically get notifications everytime someone comments on it or if I comment. He told me that and I wasn’t really thinking about at the time but now I find it super duper weird that he did that…

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Sounds familiar, we’ve been on one before just like that, it wasn’t a good place to be. If it’s that same app I reccomend being careful. There were alot of dangerous people there due to bad mods. Though I highly doubt it’s the same one.

That’s good that you’re realtively accepted there. If he doesn’t stop, I would reccomend talking to a mod there, and reporting his profile. Whether you know his age or not he could be lying about that anyways. For now just try to distance yourself a bit from him because he sounds obsessive and that’s not safe for you. And since it’s an app, it might be a good idea to check your settings to make sure they don’t have location settings. If they do make sure location is off just in case he’s a tamperer type. Though I’m sure you really have nothing to worry about. And if anything, you aren’t the weird one in this situation.

Take care! And don’t let yourself get worried about it ^~^


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