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Genocide destroyed my family and i am alone

i am living in a genocide country. i am one of the targets. everyday i want to kill myself or kill someone else. everyday i hate life. and every year it never gets better. i am so sick of living here on this planet. i lost my mother and father and siblings to the genocide. i have no family and no longer have any living friends. i just want to die and escape this hell on earth but i am unable to do it. i wish to god i was dead.

genocide sucks and i hate life. just as much as my country hates me. we both want the same thing. for me to just disappear.

part of me thinks no one will support me because most of you believe i should be dead because i am so inferior to all of you. for that i am sorry. if i could kill myself i would have already. but not only am i a useless human asshole, i am a coward.

i do not expect any support here at all. goodbye. it was worth a shot.

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Hi @_rhiannon,

Friend, some truths goes beyond where you’re from and where you live. You are not inferior to anyone on this earth. You are a human, like everyone else. You have the right to live and to exist. Nothing and no one in this world will change that.

It makes me mad to know what you’re going through. You shouldn’t live this. Nobody does.
You are not a coward. You are not useless. What’s happening in your country is not because of who you are. It’s not your fault. It’s only because of hate and lies. You are victim of this situation. And yet you managed to come here and even help others.

Words are not enough. But I wanted you to know, at least, that there is someone in this world who care about you. I care about you. And you are so loved.

Please, let us know how this community can help you.

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Most of us in this website care about our fellow man and don’t feel that way about you or your country at all. You have internet where you’re at and you’ve come here to find support but it seems the heart of the issue is where you’re at. It’s a complex situation because by no stretch of the imagination do I have a clue what it’s like to be affected by genocide, so I won’t pretend to. God puts some empathetic human beings here and we will try to support you and help you see the light but it sounds like the best advice I could give is to tell you to get out of there.