Gentle Reminder <3

Some days will be harder than others. You won’t always be happy. The world will beat you down until you feel defeated, exhausted, and alone. It’s in these moments that it’s most important to remember that it’s only temporary. Feelings and things Change and It Will Pass. Because even when it feels impossible to make it through the bad days, a good day is waiting. You just have to stay as strong as you are right now to make it there. You’ve came across sooooo many bumps along the way and you’re still here! Way to go buddy! You’re stronger than you think!! You Got This!! :sunglasses:

Love,KT <3
P.S. You’re Never Alone


Thanks KT! Good reminder to look back and say, “Yeah, I’ve made it this far. I can definitely take another step.” Powerful to see and embrace and name your own strength! Love this.

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Always welcome buddy! Just thought we needed a bit more love and positivity to help out :smiley: and thank you for such kind words amazing hooman :sunglasses:

Thanks so much for the kind words of affirmation, @KTthecatlady! Rock on! :slight_smile:

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