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Getting back out there after a hard breakup

I was with a girl for 5 years. We dated from high school and little past. I (Him) was in love and whatever, the day I was going to propose to her she left me for another man. This happened 3 years ago. I turned to drinking to forget about it which doesn’t help I know. I keep trying to get back out there and try something new but can’t seem to get myself to do it. I usually don’t do these things but just looking for input.

Sorry for the bad English


Breakups are so hard! It might be helpful to you to ask why you’re struggling to get back out there. Are you still hung up on her? Are you struggling with feeling like you’re not going to find someone? Are you struggling to trust again?

Sometimes just figuring out why it’s difficult for you can help you face the issue. Not an easy road! I’m so sorry that happened to you.

I feel like putting myself back out there I’ll get hurt again gain trust in someone that’ll just f me over. I hate being like that because don’t judge book by its cover and there’s more fish in the sea. I just don’t want to go through that again…

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That’s understandable! It’s always a risk when you put your heart out there. But when it goes well, it’s well worth it! :two_hearts:

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Hi Damien! Thank you for reaching out, I’m proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and talking about what’s been troubling you.

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with these emotions - breakups are never easy, and I can only imagine how heart breaking it is to lose someone right before a proposal. The way you’re feeling is completely valid. My best advice for you is to embrace what you have right now, and by that I mean live in the moment - do things that you want to do that make you happy, not for someone else, but for you. Whether that be travelling somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go to, doing something that you’ve always to try, working out, learning how to cook etc. Sky’s the limit! Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is something that we often forget to do, but it’s so important.

As far as being single goes, I know this sounds totally cliché, but the right person will come into your life for all the right reasons when you least expect it. When we stop looking for someone is often the time that we end up finding someone because it’s when we least expected it! I promise you the right person is out there for you, it’s just a matter of time until you meet them.

For now though, enjoy the time you have with yourself to work on your own mental well-being and happiness, I wish you all the luck. Much love! <3


I know I made this a while ago and annoying you guys who replied but I jsut wanted to say I took your guys said ended up meeting a girl and we’ve been together for 4 months now still new but she’s liked me for a while just never told me

I just wanted to thank you guys