Getting back to a bad place

My life has been just barely making it, being tired, trying to stay clean again.

I’m so tired. My body and mind feel drained.

I’m just barely making it with bills and it’s annoying because I only have a few bills to pay, I still love with my parents but I’m still struggling. I thought having a job would really help this and it has it’s just, I’m finding it really really hard to just make it.

To just stay alive honestly.

I have things I would like to do but I just don’t have the push to do it. I literally don’t have it in me.

Everything has become a struggle and I’m so freaking tired.

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I feel this in my soul @Lyss - I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time, thank you for sharing so you can get some love here and feel supported.

Do anything you can for self care - do you have a list of things that help you feel rejuvenated?

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Hey friend,
I’m sorry you are struggling. Can you take a few days off to recoup? If you can it may help.

Love you friend


Hi sweetheart,

First of all. I love you, Lyss. More than words could possibly express. Your beautiful person and kind heart has been such a positive light and such a good friend. Right from the very beginning. You always have such a warming and loving embrace about you. Ever caring, ever thoughtful and always one of the first to be there checking in. I appreciate you so much.

Secondly, I’m sorry that things seem to be hitting another hard point for you. I know you’ve been so chipper lately. But I also know, under that, there is still a lot of struggle and challenge. I wish there was more I could say and do for you to lift this stress off of you. It always makes my heart sad to see you having a hard time.

I know you came to me earlier this week and trusted me to be a part of something important to you. And I hope you continue to know that there is a safe non judge-mental place for you there. I may not always fully know or understand what is going on, but you can bet your last dollar that I will love and support you the best that I can as you get through it.

Chin up my sweet friend. I love you very much

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hey @Lyss

I am so so sorry you are feeling this way, thank you for sharing.

We are here for you always. We support you ALWAYS. We love you Lyss


hey friend @Lyss
i am sorry your are struggling and this isnt fair to you . Even though there may be a brick wall in your way , you still can over come this feeling by the way you can make it . At the end of the day you can stay alive you can do it friend , i believe in you !