Getting Help for Anxiety with Limited Means

What does one do to get help for anxiety with no insurance, limited funds, and the general lack of availability of therapists in some places? For example, many therapists from my area are mostly full on clients will availability being limited to select hours where one might not have the time to go see them.


@Soverion excellent question, and thank you for asking it here! You can check out, and there are a handful of options there that you can take advantage of for free:

  • Mountains, Dwarf Planet, and ReWrite are workbooks that cover topics related to general life struggles, depression, anxiety, and self-harm. All available for purchase on Amazon but also available for free if money is tight!
  • 7-day FREE Trial with BetterHelp, an online counseling service that connects you with a live, licensed therapist!
  • Tune in to the live streams on Twitch, hang out and listen to stories that may be similar to yours, and keep reaching out here on the support wall!

This is just a handful of what HeartSupport can offer, but this is a rather large community of people who care and others may have other suggestions that may be more specific and realistic to your current situation. Keep coming back, you’re appreciated here friend!

Hold fast.

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I know in my area, Catholic Churches offer therapy on a sliding scale and if you can’t pay for a session they will still let you come.
My sessions were $20.
The therapy isn’t catholic based, it’s like any other therapist.

I’d suggest calling around to some churches!



Have you tried deep breathings, exercises? Perhaps, running?

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I haven’t heard of church sponsored therapy but will look into it; the only thing I found was what my doctor referred me to which is specifically faith-based and I am not sure about that.

Exercise has helped though I haven’t been as consistent as I could be; I’ve let things get to me a lot and been stressed and demotivated due to my schedule. That said, I just started looking through the site and the resources adam_actual posted and they look interesting. My problem has been finding balance in my life and I don’t do a great job of self-care but I am learning that it is critical. Thank you all for the great responses!

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Self-care can be super hard sometimes. I’ve made it a priority to do something for myself for even just an hour a day. It’s usually just a bath and a face mask but it’s still better than nothing! Good luck my friend.

Thanks for the advice shortcats! I am looking into the betterhelp website and I ordered a couple of the books from heartsupport. I tend to be my own worst critic and that doesn’t help with my perspective on life; small things tend to become big things quickly for me. I am hoping these resources will give me the framework to get through these issues. It doesn’t help that, a few weeks ago, I quit a long time coping mechanism (weed) but I’m already feeling better about that choice and my life. I’m thankful for everyone’s help and support here.