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Getting Past That Wall

The past few months I’ve been on a downward slope of lacking motivation and that I’m disappointing people around me regardless of what I do. I don’t feel like I can be truthful with my parents about stuff going on in my life when I struggle and I don’t have much else for an outlet besides a couple friends depending on the day. I’ve kind of gotten to the numb stage for myself lately where I just try to zone out from things and try to isolate myself from everything, which seems like its all moving too fast.

When I hit that stage, I use it to my advantage. I look around and see what I do have going right for me and how if I change just a couple of the things I’m doing, I can drastically improve certain situations. When you’re hitting that wall, it’s important to check yourself and see what you’re lacking emotionally, physically, etc.

I use my creative outlets of making music and streaming as ways to vent out different forms of frustration I’m going through, and I use the gym as a way to help get out any excess extreme emotions. I turn all of my negative emotions and situations into fuel to better myself in different aspects of my life that I can control, and then I come back to the tougher walls to break through when I’m more mentally/emotionally prepared.

If you’re at that wall, don’t give up. I can’t tell you how much longer you’ll need to push yourself, but I can tell you that if you give up on yourself, you’ll never have the opportunity to be that person that you long so hardly to be.

Love you friends, keep going at it all head on. :heart:




Whatever you are going through, it will pass. Seasons come and go. We have some similarities. I am doing my best to love others as God wants me too. You will overcome your trials. I believe in you. I hope you are having a decent day. Thank you for sharing. Peace.



Im sorry what you are going through and it hard to stay moivate. But it awesome you able to fight through your emoitions and be more stronger. Keep up the good work and Stay strong my friend.

hey friend.
just wanted to say that I care about you. you are very strong, talented, smart, and worthy.
I’ve been going through the same thing, and it’s very frustrating! but please remember that it’s normal and okay to hit those points of lacking motivation. you are trying your best and that’s all that matters! you are not a disappointment to us. we are always here for you: )
stay strong

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Hey Shav. Love you dude.

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