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Girlfriend dumped me, diagnosed with depression

So this week has took a turn for the worst and I dont know how I can pick myself back up. My girlfriend dumped me because she wanted to figure things out for herself and she said we wernt compatible together. The arguing and fights were just getting worse. I have really bad anxiety and I always felt like I was doing wrong or I was making her upset. I’d always ask what’s wrong or what did i do wrong and she always said nothing but would get mad at me for everything. I moved in with her for a week and had all my stuff over at her house, I thought we were happy and doing good but she just left and I had to take all my stuff back to my moms house. I know it sounds stupid, typical, and cliche but I cant seem to get over it. It got so bad that I felt like dying. I still feel like this only a few days after.

I thought going to see a doctor would help, they said I have depression and anxiety real bad (shocker) and they prescribed me antidepressants but they dont seem to be helping at all.

Ive surrounded myself by my favorite people like my mom and my best friends but it all just seems like a dead end. If anyone could help me or say the right words to help me pick myself back up. Help me get rolling and hopefully one day realize my worth in this world. Because I feel like I’m nothing without her and my mind is stuck.

hi friend,
first of all, thank you so much for posting and sharing with us what’s going on. I know that can be very daunting to open up, so thank you.
I’m so sorry you’re going through this. what you’re going through is rough and it’s understandable why you’re feeling this way. but friend, these feelings aren’t permanent. I promise you. all though it doesn’t seem like it, you will slowly get better. you will slowly heal if you give yourself permission and time to.

this is a very tough situation. but friend, I don’t think this is your fault. it sounds like she wants to take time to figure stuff out for herself and needs time to think. maybe she couldn’t handle the relationship mentally? maybe she just has a lot going on that she wants to sort out before she can get involved in a relationship. if the fighting and arguing was just getting worse and she said you guys weren’t compatible together, then maybe this is for the best. maybe this will give you time to figure out things and find someone else? maybe this happened for a reason. a good reason. I know you don’t see it right now, but in the future, I bet you’ll look back on this and say “huh, maybe it wasn’t best for us to be together. maybe we both did have stuff that needed to be dealt with that wouldn’t have been dealt with if we stayed together.” think of this as an opportunity to grow. but also give yourself time to feel what you’re feeling. you deserve to share these emotions and let it all out: )

I would give yourself time to see what happens. sometimes, medicines take a while to kick in and start working. I promise you that you will find something right for you: ) maybe if the medicine isn’t helping in a couple weeks, go back and talk to your doctor about it?
I’m sorry all of this seems like a dead end. like you’ve reached nothing. but I promise you that you’re not alone. we are here for you and we believe in you. you are seen and heard here. I promise you will get through this. yes, it is very hard, but I promise that this will pass.
stay strong

Thank you for sharing and I’m sorry to hear this week has been so rough. Saying breakups suck is a huge understatement. It’s awesome you have a network of folks to be around in this difficult time. I know when I’ve been dumped before it was super hard for me. I don’t always agree that time heals all wounds but it made me look at our relationship in a different light which helped me see that she wasn’t as good of a fit for me as I thought. I know if someone told me that back then I’d be annoyed at what felt like lip service so I totally understand if it feels the same. I think the main point I’m trying to make is that things get better, it’s just the road to get there is difficult and hurts at times.

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Hi, friend!
I had a relationship like that. My boyfriend and I never agreed on anything, we went back and forth, and finally got back together, even though he’s gone for awhile due to his work, I think it’s good to stay apart for some time.
Back to your story, did she tell you what was wrong with your relationship? Sometimes people get pissed for no apparent reason.
First point, do not put your happiness into another person. Happiness is something within that depends only of yourself.
Second, try to reach her and talk to her about your relationship, in other to see if there’s a hope for both of you. (I honestly did not understand why she dumped you suddenly).
About the antidepressants, if you think it is not helping, then stop taking them. I had acute anxiety problems when I was a teenager and I only took the meds for a year or so. They really don’t help psychologically, it was more to help sleep and increase appetite. Discuss with your doctor for other solutions.
I do not know in what you believe, but the solution for all earthly problems is Christ. I cannot imagine my life without him. All the downs in my life got better when I prayed and started trusting in him. The modern world really put us down and there are so much pressure at work, at home, and such.
“Cast all you anxiety on Him cause He cares for you”. 1 peter 5:7 ]
I wish you the best, bro.

Van :black_heart:

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