Go-To Songs for hard times

Just curious to see other people’s go-to songs when they’re feeling down. Mine have been “Keep Me Close” by blessthefall and “My Own Grave” by As I Lay Dying. Can’t wait to see yours!


Hey @RyanBrack91,

Thanks for sharing! In Between by Beartooth was mine 2 summers ago, when I didn’t know I had anxiety, and Life It Well by Switchfoot always brings me back to the present.

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In Between is sooo good! I love that song. I’ll check out the Switchfoot song :slight_smile:

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Right?? And yes, please do! I will have to check out blessthefall and As I Lay Dying.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey @RyanBrack91! When I’m feeling really low, I actually try to stray away from really deep songs as much as possible because I find that it only brings me down even more. My go-to album right now is “Starlight” by Bethel Music. Check them out!

There’s also a Switchfoot song called “The day that I found God” and it has been a powerful song for me in the past week as I have fought alot of inner turmoil.

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I actually enjoy listening to angry, upsetting, sad music when I feel bad, it burns the bad feelings away instead of amplifying them. For example, here are some of the highlights from my gender dysphoria playlist:

  • “26,” After Laughter - Paramore
  • “Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End),” Deliver Us - Darkest Hour
  • “Unfamiliar Ceilings,” One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours - Fightstar
  • “Renacer,” Renacer - Senses Fail
  • “Attractive Today,” Commit This to Memory - Motion City Soundtrack

I have always fallen back on Drive by Incubus. It can be interpreted in many ways, but i have always taken it as not letting fear conquer me. Fear of failure, loss, disappointment, being alone, everything i have always been afraid of. It has taken me out of some dark places… and absolutely makes my heart full and head strong each time i hear it. Hope this helps a little!

Last Hope - Paramore
26 - Paramore
Doomed By You - Stick To Your Guns

Coming back for more–

If you’re ever in a rough spot and need to dance or lose yourself in some music-- Gorillaz has some great songs that will do just that. Need me to list a few? Sure thing fam, here you go:

-Feel Good Inc (this is a good one to listen to on repeat and just get lost in that smooth bass line and all the other melodies coming in)

-DARE (Just jump around and sing in your room. Exactly what Noodle does in the music video-- follow her lead and you’re all good, my dude)

-Strobelite (This is a club song and soooooo good to jump around/dance to.)

-Saturnz Barz (SO. CATCHY. Another one of those songs that the instruments and melodies just pull you in and get you lost. Chorus will get stuck in your head.)

-Doncamatic (Hella underrated song, one of my personal favorites. Awesome beat.)

-Hollywood (Snoop Dogg is in it and the beat is amazing. 'Nuff said.)

These’ll just get you started :slight_smile: