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Goal v. Purpose

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You have the right idea. I think goals are chosen steps or milestones. Purpose is the reason you exist and provides context to your goals.

There’s an overarching Q&A, Q: Why does existence exist? A: The purpose of existence is to share Love. That’s why there’s more than one of us.

If there was only one manifestation of Consciousness in the Universe, it’d be awfully lonely.

Your way of being and awareness of purpose keeps you engaged with an ever present question: How do I share love in this situation/moment? The question resonates with your heart, therefore, you feel purpose as an Guiding Energy.

Whether you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, the underlying purpose is to share love. If you’re helpless and in need, your purpose is to call forth the love in another or others. The need you have is a gift to others, as it gives them an opportunity to express their purpose.