God abandoned me and mocks me

I honestly don’t understand anymore how a good God would allow me to spend all my money, sell all my gear, plan a whole new life in a different country for years just to fly to Canada and have the person I loved and I was gonna marry there mock me, ridicule me, cheat on me and abandon me the day before the wedding. What kind of God sits silent while all of that happens. What kind of God lets people’s desires, goals and dreams die just like that… I don’t doubt his existence but I hate him

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I’m sorry you went through that. I cannot relate of being with a significant other and dealing with those issues. However, I do relate of being angry at God because life don’t go the way I want it to. It’s okay that you feel that way, but don’t blame Him. He is not responsible for no one’s actions. Bad things will always happen. We don’t have absolute control of them. You can pray to God to help you to be content in the middle of the storm. He loves you, and only He can prove it to you. Thank you for sharing your post.

hey there friend
thank you for reaching out.
What happened is unfair and hurtful. I’m so sorry that you went through this.
The truth is that people make mistakes, not God. God gives all of humanity free will, we can choose things that will lead to life or things that will lead to death. Unfortunately, people choose what’s not best sometimes. God sees your pain, He understands. It hurts Him too.
The best I can tell you is that God can bring something beautiful out of this. I know it may not feel like it. But Beauty can come from the ashes.
God hasn’t abandoned you, nor does He mock you. It’s not His fault that this happened. He can bring beauty from the pain and hurt, you just have to allow Him. It’s not gonna feel good all the time, but it will be worth it. I know it hurts and I’m so sorry this happened. But we can’t blame God for something a person did. Hope can spring forth from the ashes.
praying for you friend. God’s with you, He loves you. <3 you and all that you are and everything in your life matters so much to Him. so much.
Heres a song i thought i share:

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Thanks for the words. I really, really liked the song and it brought me to tears. I really wanted to be his son, a good friend but he still doesn’t say anything back, despite knowing how destroyed I am, despite knowing I’m walking through hell right now. I can’t see how anything good will come out of this, I mean I’ll be traumatized forever after this and the thing I wanted the most which was a partner in life and to start a family will now be jaded thanks to my new insecurities, thanks to these scars. And still God doesn’t tell me anything, anything at all.

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Sometimes God is silent and that is when we have to go into his word

I’m not sure I trust his word anymore, or if he cares

yea dude i totally understand. I understand how it can be so hard. I understand how it feels to feel like He’s not saying anything, but God does speak to us in the most unexpected of ways sometimes. Christmas is just around the corner. We know that He came down to save us. To me, Christmas is a reminder that God enters into the brokenness of our lives. The scars, the wounds… To bring something great out of our hurt, our messiness. I promise friend He is speaking. Sometimes we just got a search a little deeper. Heres a blog and a poem i thought i share <3

I can’t do this. I’m hurting so much. I don’t want to suffer anymore, I don’t want to fight anymore. I already done the impossible and still isn’t worth a happy ending. I don’t want to kill myself but I sure as hell want it all to end already.

Gods don’t talk to people the way people talk to people. From what I understand the Christian God talks to his people from his book or from a man reading his book from a pulpit.

I get my information in ways everyone else does. Yet some things I do aren’t what everyone else does: 1) I look inwards for some answers when I can’t find them from without. (Example, The meaning of life) 2) I commune with nature (I walk outside, Shower, pray or sit in the dark-brooding.)

I find most of the time I find my answer.

The suffering will never end. Best that can be achieved is to alleviate the pain. Good Quality Things are never easy to come by. Same with life. Suffering is either happening because you are transforming in to a new improved version of you or Suffering is occuring because you are about to recieve something of enormous quality in general.

Hope it is good either way. Be strong.