Going On Another Social Media Hiatus

Going on another social media hiatus starting this Saturday. I really need to do it again to keep my mental health in check. Ill be back soon…


It’s a really good thing to be aware of your needs and to keep making your mental health a priority. With everything going on in the world this year I can definitely feel this need to take some distance. Take care @TomsStillHere - :heart: Have a great week-end.

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Like @Micro have said we have to put our mental health first, so I hope that after taking some time to yourself you will start feeling better :hugs: Take care and if you need something remember that we are here​:raised_hands:

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Well, Im back already…Couldnt even last an entire 24 hours this time; Poor execution on my part. Was planning to go to at least Wednesday, but had completely forgotten about a charity event (Guardian Con) which just started streaming on Twitch. Don’t want to be too hard on myself for breaking hiatus already, so im going to plan the social media hiatus another time before the end of the month.

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