Going through a bad time

I’ve been going through a really difficult time after a break up not long ago, I’ve been really lonely ever since it happened. I really miss them and everything with them. All the pain, hurt, etc from the break up doesn’t go away no matter what and I don’t know what to do anymore.


Welcome to HS and welcome to SWAT! It is so lovely to have you, and I’m so proud of you for being brave with your presence and with your hurt.
As I talked about in the chat, your value is incredible and could never be diminished by loss of relationships. I know that hurt and how lonely it can feel, so I hope you surround yourself with some good people who you can turn to when it starts feeling a bit lonely or isolating.
I hope you feel comfortable and safe here with us


Hey Icy, Sorry you are going through this, sadly in this life it its one of those things that we all have to go through (more than once) but we do get through we grieve the loss of a relationship, we then move forward meet someone new and start all over and although that may seem a long way off right now, its really not. Take some time, know its not you, its just life. be kind to yourself and you will be ok.
Much Love
Lisalovesfeathers. x


Hi Icy,

Welcome on in! It’s so good to see you in our community. My most recent breakup hurt the worst. He was one of my long-time best friends & quite honestly, I thought he was going to be my forever partner. But now, when I look back on it…I am glad it ended. He taught me lessons that I probably wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Heartbreak is emotional, difficult, and creates confusion…but it can also create a pathway to something wonderful and beautiful. It is okay to feel the emotions that you do at this moment, but don’t stay there. Find something that brings you joy. Take a walk in the sunshine. Join a club. Discover new foods. Look for new parts of you that you didn’t know before. You are amazing. You are strong. You are valid. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hi IcyGaming

Welcome to Heart Support!

I’m sorry you’re going thru a break up. It sucks and it hurts a lot. You’re gonna go thru a grieving process and it’s very normal. Treat yourself good, take care of yourself. Try not to isolate yourself and get in your head. In time you’ll be able to look forward and eventually find someone else.

Self care is important for your healing process. :hrtlegolove:


Hi there @IcyGaming,

Firstly, welcome to the HS community (and to SWAT :tada:)! We’re so glad to have you here!

As we mentioned in the call, breakups really are tough and I’m sorry that you’ve been experiencing so much loneliness and negative emotions due to that breakup. With that said, time is often the best medicine here and as time passes, you will build up new connections that can fill the loneliness.

You’re amazing and your relationships don’t define you. You got this.

<3 Tuna


hi icy!

welcome to the forum, my friend. thank you for your vulnerability on how your mental health is doing, allowing your new heartsupport community in on this time in your life. i’m so sorry you’re going through this difficult break up. i truly believe that the grieving process can apply to so much more than just facing a death. so when a relationship ends, you have to experience all those stages of grief, embracing all the emotions so you can grow and heal from it all. i feel like since you’re reaching out to this forum and telling your story (bargaining stage), you’re almost to the other side. please know that your heartsupport community is with you every step of the way though, my friend.

there will always be hope that there’s someone out there who will give the same amount of love to you as you give to them. so hold fast, feel all the feelings, be easy on yourself, and know that your better tomorrow is on the horizon.



Hey Icy,

As someone who has also gone through a very hard breakup in the past, I understand where you are coming from. Mine was in college. I had no idea how to process grief, so I did everything I could to try to avoid it. Looking back, I can say, that the key component to healing… is time. It will take time to process your grief. To mend the wounds. To start taking those steps to heal.

As the others have noted, one of those steps, is to realize you are enough as yourself. You are whole. You are a good person. You matter.

You got this, friend.


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