Going to be a dad

So, my wife and I have been married for about 6 months now. Monday, on Veterans Day, after going out with a former army buddy of mine I came home to a positive pregnancy test and a card telling me I was going to be a dad. My wife is about 6 weeks pregnant.

We both have pretty good jobs, we have our own house, two good vehicles, etc etc. Monday night when she told me, I was soooo excited. All I could picture was me and my son (assuming it’s a boy, I suppose) going hunting, fishing, throwing a football in the backyard, etc. But I’ve noticed the last couple of days that excitement has faded and now I’m more anxious/worried.

My dad was a great dad growing up, but he definitely made his fair share of mistakes. I guess I’m just worried that I won’t be the “best dad in the world”, and of course I’m worried about the baby’s health as well as my wonderful wife.

Prayers, please for my wife and future daughter/son, and for me to be the best dad I can be!


Congratulations man! That is such wonderful and exciting news for you and your wife!

First of all, I am not a dad (i’m not even in a relationship at the moment), so I don’t have first-person advice on what it is like to be a dad. However, I just want to encourage you that any doubt that you feel about being a good father is completely false. I think for you to be the best dad you can be is to acknowledge that you want the best for your child. The time and the lessons that you are going to give to your child are going to be the most valuable things you can give. There will be times that you may fail as a father or feel like you have failed, but just like any of our failures you can use that as motivation to be a good example for your child. My father has failed a lot and he has told me what he has failed at, but my father is still one of the most influential people in my life because I still love him either way the expression of his failures has helped me shape my life. So overall, if you are concerned about being the best dad that you can be, that’s understandable, but don’t worry. You got this! Any pressure that you feel will be put at ease once you see your child for the first time and everything will come naturally to you!

Congrats on being a dad that is awesome! I think it is perfectly normal to be excited and nervous because you want everything to go well and you want to be there for your child. I personally am not a parent idk if I ever will be. (Just completed university and trying to sort my life out) I think one of the best things you can do is be the best dad in the world in your kid’s eyes, meaning don’t compare yourself to other fathers do what you think is going to help guide your child to grow up knowing that he has a dad that loves and cares about him and wants to see him succeed. Just do your absolute best and know that it is okay to be nervous but know that despite the nervousness you are going to be an amazing dad. Congratulations again. :grinning: