Going to foster care

i am going to foster care i can not take it plz i dont have enough money

I’m sorry your going through this. Are there any options at all that would stop this?

i do not think there is

i really am scared will you adopt me when i go in to foster? plz

I’m really sorry to hear that, I wish I could help more. Is there anyone within your county government like an agency that can act on your behalf, kind of like this https://nmkidsmatter.org/about/ ?

im sorry this is happening keep me updated please .
Hold fast you’re worth it !

Hey. I’ve been where you have been friend. I’ve went through 9 foster homes and it is very very scary and awful. But you can and will overcome it. I spent 7 years going home to home. It’s not easy. But it makes you strong and for me, it made me able to sit here and relate with you right now because I’ve been through it.