Good but bad news?

Im really excited because I got offered a position for a Human Resources position with the City government, however, id be taking a huge pay cut. I don’t know if I could handle the cut financially, after re-doing my budget, I THINK I could make it work, but we’d be struggling. I have a 5 month old baby and a partner who doesn’t make a lot either. I feel like I’d be a fool not to take the job, since its a field ive been trying to get into for years. It’s just the job I have right now gives me so much anxiety, Im at the point now where I feel like I can’t even do my job (its call center work and im so over call centers).


hello there,
So glad you’re here!
This does sound like a tricky situation that does require some careful thought! Are there things you can reduce or swap for cheaper alternative for a couple months?

Have you gone over it with your partner? Are they prospects to advance in the job into a better pay position?

We’re here to brainstorm it with you, and thank you for your trust for posting and sharing your thoughts here. You matter!


Luckily my partner supports my decision and we are just gonna have to really be on the tightest of budgets, I’m just nervous about the whole thing.


thats awesome! communication will make it easier for sure! you two can prob map out your expectations for how to budget for stuff and be a bit more reserved. Hoping it all works out for you.

I think we spoke on stream today (Rohini), congrats again! Live the dream!


From: Ash

First off thank you for sharing this with us. It is a tough thing to have to make a choice like this. Based on a lot of things overall it seems like you either have to choose you at this point. Or you have to stick to a job that isnt the best and means more funds which is tough. Have you considered seeing if your partner has thoughts too. Perhaps if it is a fear for the money perhaps consider see if the partner is able to either take on more hours or work to find another higher paying job. It sounds like to me in the long run you deserve to consider yourself. And this is something that if you think you can than perhaps go for what your heart is saying.


From: SuchBlue

Hi ellamarie,

It’s perfectly normal to be worried about your job and how much you’re going to lose from switching jobs. I think you and your partner have to find the perfect balance between how much money you’re going to make and how much you actually enjoy the job. For example, if you have your favourite job but you can barely afford rent then you shouldn’t take that job. But if you can still live and enjoy your life then you’re not going to be struggling at all. Anxiety is never good and your mental health is worth a lot more than money but at the end of the day it’s up to you on what you think is best. Once again, it’s okay to be nervous about a new job and you’re not any worse for thinking about this. :hrtlegolove:


From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi ellamarie I think you have made the right choice. Being happy in your job is very important. It is huge part of your life. If things get tight you can always find some source of extra income like some kind of part time job or your partner might do some part time job. Or maybe some other source like making things and selling them. I just want to say that there are ways to get the extra bit of money you need and still keep the job you like to do. I hope everything turns out well for you :slightly_smiling_face:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

hey friend, thank you for your post, I think personally if you have waited for this opportunity for so long and you feel that you can manage it and still cover the important bills in your household then go for it, i think it will be amazing to be able to do what you have always wanted to do and get out of the call centre. Maybe in time if you work hard you can ask for a pay rise and work your way up. I wish you well and lots of luck in your new career choice. Much Love Lisa x

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