Good day yesterday

i went out christmas shopping with my dad all day and had to have around each store like four times looking at everything until i found something. i ended up getting my sister in law a macintosh candle in addition to the combined present from me and my dad, my brother a tabletop cornhole drinking game since he LOVES cornhole for some strange reason, and my father a giant pot. a. giant. pot. i have to go look for something else with my sister in law today… ahaha… she’s making me go to a mall… a mall with a bunch of teenagers… people my age… people my age with their judging eyes… i’m going to hate it. i also gave my dog a bath and took him to his vet appt and now he’s all fluffy and clean and smells kind of bad still but oh well! bathing him is like bathing a honey badger. i walked A LOT more than i usually do yesterday as well and my legs hurt when i got home. hopefully they don’t hurt today. i’d say the only downside to yesterday was not being able to talk to my closest friend. we haven’t really been talking at all the past few days since he deleted the app we talk through off of his phone and he’s just busy but it’s alright. as long as he’s happy, it’s fine. oh yeah and here’s the giant pot. i mean GIANT…

and also here is the boy BEFORE his vet appt and bath


Hi @echo
It seems like you had a busy day. :slightly_smiling_face: I am glad that Christmas is bringing you and your family closer. Wow that pot is truly big. And the dog what a nice boooooyyyyy. :slightly_smiling_face: I am glad that you are doing better echo. :wink:

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