Goodbye for now... or forever

I starred the baby in the face. Said I love you my angel. And let it go. My world is gone. My world is over. Today will be a day I never forget.

My baby is gone. It doesn’t really matter if you believe in heaven or hell. At 4:46 pm my angel left this earth to go be with God, and it’ll be a day I won’t forget. My angel is gone and he/she took my heart with them.

Thank you guys for everything but it’s time for me to go. Isolation is the only option right now. Love you guys.

Hold fast, cause I can’t



Maybe you can’t. In time you will. Like I said. You are a Compassionate, Loving & Strong person no matter what. I hope that I can be filled with such good things one day.

Don’t think you’re alone. You’ve this community. Don’t forget.


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Hey angel so proud of you for posting this. You don’t have to do this alone let us be here for you. Let me be here for you. Let’s chat on discord. I love you a lot and I’m praying for you. Your strength is amazing as is compassion. I know it hurts and I can’t imagine what you’re feeling. Just know we all love you immensely and this was not your fault.

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Hey there,
Your response is so admirable and I know that you’ll get to see your angel again someday. You don’t need to choose to isolate. we’ll always be right here when you need someone, anyone. I’ll be there on Discord, we’ll be here on the twitch stream and on the Support Wall. You’re never alone. We love you so so much, and we’ll never let you go. We believe in you. We’ll hold fast with you, beside you. So that you’re not by yourself when you struggle. And my hope and prayer is one day soon you’ll be able to hold fast again. I know you can. Love you so so much :heart:

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I’m broken. And I’m hurting. I fell asleep but was awaken by a nightmare that was yesterday’s reality. I played the entire situation over in my head. It hurts so freaking bad. I wish I would have went to the hospital to let them do it. I wish I had something like a sonogram or something that I could physically hold to remind me of my baby angel.

Just like we were yesterday, we’re here for you today. And we will be tomorrow. Nightmares can be so painful, but they’re also so temporary too. Even if there are more to come in the future, what happened only happened once, it’s not happening over and over again. But I know you can see your little angel again. And until then we’ll be here to help you in any way possible. You are not alone. You are so so loved. We’re right here holding fast with and for you. Keep fighting :heart:

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Will talk to you at 1230p today.
I can’t imagine the pain you went through, and I’m so sorry, Olivia.
Remember this though: it is not your fault.
And isolation =/= solution.
Love you friend.
Talk soon.

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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers @Monkey. I’m so, so sorry.