Goodbye. I give up now

Give me a reason to stay until I leave this wretched world forever?


The pain may stop. But the pain for other people out there who are struggling as well will not. Dont just be strong for yourself. Be strong for them.

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Hey @Katsthatfly,

You have breaths in your lungs.
You are alive.
There is a path for unexpected opportunities, bright days, joyful moments ahead. We don’t know what will happen until we give it a try. Until we live and experience a huge range of emotions, feelings, situations.

This world isn’t perfect. It’s even freaking scary and insane sometimes.
But all around the world, there is love, every minute, every day, in the hearts of so many. It is worth it.

I hear you. Hear your exhaustion, despair. I respect that. I’ve been there too. Seeking for an ultimate reason and not being able to find one because letting myself drowing was too tempting.

Be the reason. You.
Your existence matters. You matter. Regardless of what has been said or done to you. Regardless of what you might think about yourself. Regardless of how you feel.

There is always a possibility to get better, to feel better, to change whatever circumstances you are struggling with. Always.

I hope you are doing okay since you posted this. Hope you are safe. Hope you managed to let some time pass and see that your feelings are always moving, changing, that your pain is not meant to last.

We’re here to listen. To support you.
Stay safe.

Hi friend,

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and the weight of it all can feel too heavy. I know, I’ve been there. But the truth of the matter is, friend, that you matter. Your life matters. Your feelings matter. What you are going through and experiencing is important.

I’m sorry that you are hurting so much that you feel you need to do this. It’s not the answer. You deserve love my friend.

Maybe we could talk about what has you feeling like this. What are some things on your mind? We’re here. I’m listening. Let’s talk.

  • Kitty