Goodbye world

This will be probably the last message you see from me in a forum.
I have reached the conclusion that life is not worth the pain it gives back, and so, I have decided I will “euthanasia” myself for a lack of a better word. It has been a wonderful experience to be with you, and my most sincere regards. I love you guys, please don’t let me be forgotten.



Hey @Bjorn,

I hear you. Please stay. Give yourself time. I can only imagine how right now the idea of disappearing must felt like a relief and bring peace to your mind, but I can assure you that this peace can be felt and experienced through life itself. I’m sorry that, for now, it has been a lot about processing and managing pain. It’s not fair to face tremendous pain over and over, to the point of feeling like it will just never stop.

I would like to hear what’s on your heart and what’s behind all of this pain that you’ve been carrying. You are not alone. You don’t have to be alone. This community is here, ready to listen and encourage you. Some battles are not meant to be dealt with just on our own, friend.

You matter and you are loved dearly. :hrtlegolove:


Hi Bjorn,
thank you for being here, sharing and letting us into your life.
the imagination, the toughts of going somewhere, going out of this life, feeling relief that nothing
will ever bother you, we might all have thought that.
but please don’t ever do that. please stay.
the world and life is hard, it can be overwhelming most of the time. it is overwhelming also for me, for many
people here in this community. there is never a light without shadow.
but also you can be the light, you can be a person who makes this world better. you might not see this,
i also don’t know if i do something good, if i am a good person, i doubt myself everyday. i cry a lot lately.
to deal with life drains a lot of energy out of us, more then we realize. more then i would like.
life give us pain, every f****** day, every hour sometimes. life hurts. life and the world is not a happy place
most of the time.
but also there is life in life. there is beauty and blooming. there are joy and many beautiful and kind hearts out
there. many people that makes this world a better place. that makes life worth living. often you don’t see
the good things. your sight is narrowed to the pain. but also when you turn around, what is hard, i know
that, there is light. be the light, or at least the mirror that reflects it.
i would also love to hear whats on your mind, what worries and toughts you have. when you reach out and
speak your heart you will see a lot of people who would love to be there for you.
i hope to hear from you again, from the bottom of my heart reach out here anytime. we are happy to be
there for you, be in this times with you. you are loved and you matter my friend, you are worth a life full
of joy and happiness, beauty and love. you deserve that.
i might get out of hugs soon for today, feel hugged Bjorn,
lovely Greetings,

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Life isn’t the thing that establishes worth. The worth is in you. Yes, there is a lot of pain in the world. When you express compassion, what is your worth? When others see your value, and support you, what does that say about the worth you have given to your life?

I hope you’re still around. We want you to be. Talk to someone. You may feel a lot different in a week.

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Hey @Bjorn, thinking of you today. You are loved, friend. :hrtlegolove:


Hey bjorn, just checking in with you. You’re loved so much.
My heart hopes so much to hear from you and for you to know your worth x


Hi. Im still alive. The noose broke, i fell to the ground and now im at the hospital.
Ill be home soon. And i honestly feel stupid. Both for failing to kill myself and for writing this.
Now i can’t do anything. Im worse than before. I still want to die but now im humiliated.
I am stupid.


Hey Bjorn,
I’m glad you’re alive and here with us. How you feel is not stupid and neither are you. You’re hurting and that makes you human. Sometimes life is really hard and there can be so much pain in it, but there is also a lot of joy and good in it too. It can be difficult to see that when we’re struggling, but it is there. You are loved and you matter every day.

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Hi @Bjorn
I’m new here. I joined today. I’m glad I came across your post and even more glad to hear you are alive. You are meant to live and be here.
I don’t know you, but I know that you are of great value. Your life is of great value. You are still here because the world wouldn’t be the same without you. You might not see it right now, but you are unique and precious and have beautiful things to add to this world that only you were only gifted with. Never underestimate the value your smile has to someone, the way your laugh lights up a room, and how your presence brings comfort to others.
I hope that you will somehow feel better, that you will feel loved, and that you will see your worth and need in this world.
Much love and hugs.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Bjorn, Thank you for letting us know that you are still here, I am beyond thankful that you are. Bjorn you are not stupid, you are desperately sad it breaks my heart that you feel humiliated because you dont need to, many of the people here have felt the way you have felt today, they have wanted to die and they have tried to do it and it hasnt happened and a lot of those people end up being glad it didnt. Its tough to feel like you failed at anything but i truly believe there is a reason for most things and your beautiful soul deserves to be here and I truly hope that someone can help you to realise that the way I do. You are so loved xx


From: ManekiNeko

bjorn, I know that things were hard and that you’ve just been through this experience that hold such an impact, I do hope that this impact is something that can be something to share with you how much you are cared for. Even if in the midst of things right now you feel lost or empty, you matter.



Hi Bjorn, Thank you for checking in and letting us know that you’re ok. I know you don’t think this, but I’m really glad the noose broke because you are a valued member of this community. ~Mystrose


From: listening2day

You are still alive! So now you have potential. That means you have possibilities. Maybe it is a new chance to begin again and investigate these. When you are ready.
Sometimes, I think one has a chance to refresh after difficult events. Take your time. And use that time. We care. Be patient with yourself. You deserve that much!


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there :hrtlegolove: I’m sorry that you reached such a low. I still remember how excited you were when you shared good news about your diagnosis with me in SWAT back in April. I had been hoping we hadn’t seen you around because you were off enjoying your newfound health and recovering more. Did something happen to take that away from you and take you down to this level?

I hope to hear from you soon. I’m glad you are still here with us :hrtlegolove:


Hey Bjorn,

You are not stupid. You are a human, who is struggling with intrusive lies masquerading around as thoughts in your mind. You are someone who is hurting greatly inside, who has faced more pain and dilemma than anyone should have to. You are someone who understands the struggles of mental health.

I am glad you are still with us. Feelings of silliness will pass as time goes on. Wounds can heal. You being with us allows that to happen. You are loved, and you absolutely matter. Thank you for coming here and sharing the update with us. I know that took bravery.

You Matter, friend :hrtlegolove:


Hey there friend (@Bjorn),

Thank you for the update. It sounds like you’re experiencing strong emotional distress, and it’s completely understandable that you feel like you’re a failure due to that (even though you are not a failure).

I’m glad that you are currently safe. You’re a valued member of this community and I appreciate you for sharing with us.

<3 Tuna

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From: twixremix

hi bjorn,

while it is a difficult reality to face after an attempt at suicide, i’m so thankful that noose did snap. you weren’t meant to leave this earth, you still have so much left to give. but i get it, i know facing the people around you after this attempt is one of the hardest obstacles you have to overcome but i know that each of them just wants to help you, support you, keep you from reaching the point you were at when you were preparing that noose.

your feelings are incredibly valid, they are far from “stupid.” even though you survived, i bet the pain is still there that led you to that point. please know your heartsupport community always and forever has your back to listen and support you through anything. sending you all my best as you complete your stay at the hospital and continue your journey, my friend.



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