Goodybe friends <3

ive decided to disconnect myself from this community although i have enjoyed getting support i take attention away from people who really need it. im too problematic, at this point im too exhausted to keep in touch with people. too exhausted to keep writing these. im barely ever myself i’ve started having more manic episodes. im not progressing and no matter how many topics i create i still dont progress. so im going to take a break from this kind loving place and go back into my dark cave. i wish you all well. and i hope you suceed in fighting your struggles. you are all such lovely people with such big hearts. so whoever reads this if you do i love this community and the lovely people in it. take care and stay strong. i hope all of your problems are heard. ( and im fine im just going to try and disconnect myself from people all i do is hurt them) :heart:


I am sorry that life has been more tough on you than usual. Please give yourself some grace and know that you are not a burden. You are loved and cared for on here. I hope you know that you are a valuable member of this community and if you need to take a break just remember that we will all be here when you come back. Be kind to yourself. It’s been a tough season for many of us and I wish you the best. Keep fighting for healing.

Hold fast. I believe in you


Hey friend,

Being alone can be very needed sometimes but the reasons why we do it is also important. I want to encourage you to make sure that those reasons are good, and not the result of a negative perception of yourself. I hope with all my heart that this time will be, for you, an opportunity to recenter yourself, and even more to take care of yourself. Please keep in mind that you are never a bother, never an annoyance, and there will never be any pressure here regarding your healing. Sometimes we go through seasons when we keep spiraling. I know it’s very frustrating to go through those, to feel like we can’t progress and we’re just stuck - if not drowning. Sometimes the obstacles we face are more difficult to overcome, but that never question our capacity to progress.

Give yourself the time, patience, compassion you need during those times, friend. And know that you are never a burden for anyone here. Having a hard time is okay, and there will always be a huge amount of love available for you here.

The door remains open, whenever you need to use it. Be safe. Take care. We love you. :hrtlegolove:


I have seen people react positively to you several times on this forum, so I don’t see where you get that you hurt people.
But if you feel like leaving is the right thing to do that’s okay.


Hey man, I get where you’re coming from but you’re not hurting anyone, and the manic episodes are because you’re getting more and more into your feelings and into that side of your brain. I’ve also been having more manic and psychotic episodes ever since I’ve been on here. It may not seem good but it’s only natural due to your feelings and emotions being bottled up inside.

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Don’t feel you need to leave, hun. If you do want to take some time away, that’s totally alright - but remember, we are here for you through the good and the bad. <3


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