Got Help, Feel Empty

I finally listened to everyone and got help. I got a PTSD specialist to help with my military trauma, finally. I know that soon things will be better, but, right now I’m still not ok and I ran out of friends to talk to.


Hey @Raab,

I’m very glad to hear about this step you’re taking, for your mental health and your well-being, and I hope you are proud of yourself for that. PTSD is something heavy to deal with and allowing yourself to receive the help you need is very important.

Hopefully things will go as smooth as possible for you. :heart:

Also, know that you have friends here who are willing to listen, if you ever need to talk about how you feel or what’s going on in your life. Whether it’s here, on the HS Discord ( or during HS Twitch livestreams (

Hold fast. :heart:

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I feel your pain. Once you seek help you want to feel better, and to not feel better immediately is frustrating. But you took the first and hardest step. Hang in there, and healing will come in time. Remember: there is more to life than this. We aren’t supposed to feel this way, it’s a sickness, and since it’s a sickness it can be treated. Stay strong friend, and thank you for your service.

Hey! Good for you for reaching out and getting help! Proud of you friend! I know how hard that can be! Healing takes time but the first step is being willing to reach out. And you did that! Good on you! Just remember to be open and honest to your doctors and therapists. Let them in on whats going on so they can help you work through it. It can be hard working through trauma, I know. I’m currently working through my own, but it is SO worth it.

Stay strong!