Got in a argument

I got into an argument with my brother it escalated to the point he started yelling at me. I so badly wanted knock his ass out but I just sat quietly while my second brother calmed everything down.


Oh dude, I have been their before, and damn is hard control anger. But you calm, so give yourself credit. Do something relaxing like walk or just blow off steam.

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I started reading a book and managed to calm down a bit.

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I’m sorry you had to deal with that altercation with your brother, it must be hurtful having someone like that start yelling. Kudos for walking away, it’s not always easy, but sometimes our reactions can turn to regrets. Do you usually get along with your brother, or is this a more regular occurrence?

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Usually we get along great this is the fist time we’ve argued like this in years.

I’m sorry that’s happened. It’s frustrating, but sometimes we as humans do end up just arguing. Not that it’s okay he’s yelled at you, but hopefully you can talk and work out what’s at the root of home reacting that way.

Yeah we managed to work it out and it’s like nothing happened.

I think we have all had this kind of moment. I am proud of you for not making a decision that you could not take back. I hope you can resolve the issues between the two of you.