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Got into lifting after being sexually assaulted by a colleague who was much bigger and stronger. That day I decided I didn’t ever want to feel weak again


@sass.squatch.saire proud of you sister!!! Keep fighting!!!:pray::two_hearts::muscle:

Makes a lot of sense. And now, you’re in a position where you have that strength, and there is a lot more peace and security in knowing you’re not just powerless. Having taken that kind of initiative on pain from your past, it puts HOPE back in your hands, which is such a valuable currency after being robbed of so much from the trauma.

There’s a strand of it that is hard, though, that this thing you love is inspired by and linked to this trauma. You wish you could just erase every reminder of that pain. Not have to be haunted by it. Not have to have so much of your life consumed by prevention of that thing happening again.

But over time, you’ve crafted over the top of that so many more positives that you are writing a more compelling story, a more beautiful ending, than the way it all began. And in that sense, while you can’t erase your past, you are letting the rest of your life be about something more meaningful, and living beyond that trauma. And that is beautiful.

It’s beautiful to hear and see how you have been finding resilience in your life through lifting. That is something YOU have been creating, and it is something that YOU own. If there’s one feeling that has been left in me after past assaults, it is one of fragility and powerlessness. Learning to reinvest my body and physicality has been quite a journey, but also a very healing one. What you have been implementing in your life is such a strong way to show to yourself that this colleague did not defeat you. This is about power, and you’ve been regaining your own. Nothing more strong and powerful than showing up for yourself each and everyday, and not letting this experience make you feel little. He doesn’t get the right to make you feel a certain way for the rest of your life. YOU get to choose and decide. YOU have control. Bless you, friend. Your healing and perseverance are inspiring. Your body is yours and will always be. <3

Hello Friend,
thank you for sharing, i feel so sorry to hear about this, but also feel so proud to see how you are going
through life now. overcoming such a hard experience is more than difficult. it shows that you are strong,
mentally strong and now also physically. that is an inspiration to witness. and for others that is a light in times
of need, in times we need hope. overcoming a trauma, going out and be stronger then before, take initiative in
your life to a better tomorrow. to be a stronger you, more than you already were before.
we can not change the past, we live with it. we can change the here and now, we live in that moment and our
actions, our doing is having an impact on our tomorrow. we always should be grateful for the now, for today.
your own tomorrow looks awesome, with your mindset and strength. you are loved, you matter, to your family, your
friends, the people that love you, to us and to me. feel hugged and have a nice day. :purple_heart:

@heartsupport thank you so much for your support and you always have mine in return!!!:pray::pray::pray: