Got nothing left

My life is just one disappointment or failure after another. My grades are horrible and I don’t have enough credits to graduate. all but one of my friends now hate me or just doesn’t give a shit anymore. my mom thinks I’m just a lazy good for nothing failure. I’ve literally lost every bit of hope and I’m struggling just to stay alive. I cant take much more of this. I’m already dead they just don’t see it yet.


It sounds like you’re going through a lot right now, so it’s completely understandable that you would be feeling overwhelmed. A couple things stand out to me, your grades ARE NOT a measure of your worth or value. You are so much more than any number. I know it’s so easy to lose hope, but please hold on because we all love you and we want you to say here with us. Is there anything you can do to take your mind to a happier place today, maybe listen to some music, talk to your one good friend or watch a fun movie? If you want to talk more hit me up on discord! Praying for you


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Hey @Memphisreign - Just when you think you have nothing left, if you look a little harder, you’ll notice a tiny little flame deep in your soul. When everything seems to fall apart, you still have a little fight left in you. Remember that your life holds immense value, no matter what external factors push against you. There no feeling worse than “hopelessness” - the future will get better and you need to hold on to hope until then! “Hope” will help push you forward and “Hope” will give you the strength to carry on. You’re strong and we believe in you!

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High School isn’t that big deal. Most likely those “Friends” you’d never see ever again after you graduate anyways & even if any of them did it be around 1 or 2 so it shouldn’t matter.

What matters is your education. You can’t get a job anywhere pretty much without a High School diploma or GED. Worse in todays society if you don’t have at least some college & experience in the work field you won’t have a job most likely either.
As for your mom, figure out what makes her think that then prove her wrong.
Your life isn’t a failure until you quit life. So don’t quit.
I am cheering for you.

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I’m so sorry that you’re struggling right now. Reach out to that one friend - it’s not about having a lot of friends, but about having 1 or 2 that are really there for you. Talk to them - let them help you. You’re not dead yet, you’re alive, breathing and here with us now. Reaching out shows that you WANT to live. You’ve done the right thing, you can get through this.

Hold Fast

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