Got robbed, tried to move, got robbed again

For background context, I live in Minneapolis and crime has gotten worse and worse since the riots, even in nice areas.

In September my storage unit was broke into. I lost over $1000 worth of stuff, including childhood games. Since then I’ve been trying to look for a place to move. A friend offered her townhome for a discounted price if I helped clean. I signed my lease out to move and the last 2 weeks she said I was “too much to handle” and revoked the move. She didn’t even ask if I had a place to go, just went silent. I felt awful, almost went homeless until my current landlord let me extend my lease. The day I was supposed to move, I was robbed again from my storage unit.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve since kept trying to find a place, but my issue is that my ESA is a companion rabbit. He is my baby and no one understands bunnies. I’ve been rejected from many potential room shares because of this. I also am VERY antisocial and suffer from many mental disorders like depression and anxiety, and now I swear PTSD from the crime here. My issue is I can’t rent a new apartment in a nicer area, everything is out of my price range as rent has gone up extremely high. This is why I’m looking at room shares, but even mother-in-law owners are rejecting me because of my companion.

How do people honestly afford a place to live anymore? I don’t even own a car, as carjacking is at 500%. I hope to purchase one before moving far away, but money is tight. I’ve asked friends but the only one who offered is also abusive and a hoarder.

I guess in the end I’m ranting. I’m scared to have a gun pointed at me because I am too poor to move. I work already 40+ hours in a warehouse with doctor bills I am behind on because of work related injuries.

How do people honestly afford to live? According to my state I don’t qualify for rent help because I make enough, but at this point I cant afford to live HERE.

Life sucks. But at least I can kiss my bunny, I guess.


Hey @pidgeot41,

It is so awful that you have been robbed twice, but also rejected by this friend before. Having a place where we feel safe and can call “home” shouldn’t be a luxury. It breaks my heart that even belongings that implied an emotional attachment to you have been taken away from you. There’s often things replacable in the long run, but when it’s about things that are just meaningful to us, it is absolutely priceless. It is truly not fair that this happened to you.

As for finding a new place, I hear you and the difficulty of finding someone accepting your little bunny. People are, unfortunately, often reluctant of animal owners just because you never know if they actually know how to take of them the right way or not.

I was thinking, maybe it could be worth it for you to check on local networks such as nonprofits or organization whose jobs are litterally to make sure that people who share complementary needs in terms of co-renting could meet each other. For example, there are sometimes local initiatives that connect elder and isolated people with younger ones. Oftentimes the lease is a lot cheaper (if not free) and you are expected to be a presence to the person you live with/provide small services for them here and there. They might even enjoy the company of your bunny too. :slight_smile: Just a suggestion as I don’t know if that’s a thing at all where you live. In any case it’s always worth it to check on local initiatives in terms of housing, things that are sometimes a little less classic and more innovative, but often very interesting financially, and just better humanly.

I really hope that you will find something that suits you soon. You deserve to live in a place where you feel safe. :hrtlegolove:

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That is such a shame! I grew up in and around Detroit, and break-ins were common. My vehicles were broken into so often that I quit locking their doors, so at least my windows would not be broken. I had several vehicles stolen. In one case, I traded my car into a dealership, and it was stolen from there, and thief crashed into another car. The police tried to hold me responsible because the dealership had not transferred the title out of my name.

Everything I owned was old and cheap, so thieves would break in, then leave without taking much of anything. My greatest loss was a salad bowl full of change. I checked out housing costs in Minneapolis, and was shocked by how high they are.

I found a lot on Craigslist, but the cheapest seemed to be in the $600 range. It looks as though one bedroom and efficiency apartments cost about the same as renting a room in a larger dwelling.

If you end up staying where you are, you probably should give up on using the storage unit, unless you put things in there that no one would be interested in carrying off.

Would something like this work for you?


That’s a very crime ridden area, also. Even before covid/riots, haha. Since the riots ALL of Minneapolis is full of carjacking, to the point where home break-ins is the new, cool thing to do. It’s gotten so bad it’s spread to Edina, a very snobby rich area so they’re ticked. They held a 4 hour meeting with their authorities asking WHY isn’t Minneapolis doing anything. It’s basically Detroit now, so I hear ya. I’m trying best I can to move out, getting a car, and never coming back. So many people are discriminatory towards my bun, which is a shame. There are lower-cost studios south of the Twin Cities i.e. $900 range which I could maybe squeeze in, even if the building is rough, it’s better than my location any day. And yeah, I’ve heard of people parking on the street unlocked so their window doesn’t get smashed. It’s cheaper for a criminal to just sit in there doing drugs than to break everything. I’ve emptied my storage unit as much as possible, only leaving in the heavy AC and rabbit stuff like hay and stove pellets, but it’s still a damn shame how unsafe I feel in my own home. I’ve since attached a night latch, but again, only works when I’m inside. Skipped Christmas travel this year to get myself sorted out. My way of thinking as you can tell is very logical, but lately very emotional too.


There must be a hardier bunch of criminals there. In Detroit, when it got really cold, the crime virtually stopped. I figured there must be a catch to that apartment, but I thought maybe…

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