Got screwed again!

Well here we go again. Storey of my life were I put my all into my friends and get screwed and I’m a mess as usual. My friend needed help with his fire stick. There is a app he wanted me to show him how to use so I did. Next day the fire stick was buffering all the time. Not being as fast as usual. His girlfriend blamed me for this problem saying before I messed with it they had no problems. I didn’t change nothing on this fire stick or anything I just showed him how to use it. He was being weird yesterday and saying if this don’t work tonight he is gonna need a new fire stick. Kinda hunting to me that I need to get him another one. So here I am now wondering what I should do. Should I buy him a new one? Even though I have been messing with these things for years and know I didn’t do anything. What should I do?

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Sounds like your friends are just frustrated. Which is understandable. But it’s not fair that they are taking it out on you. You tried to help and sadly your efforts didn’t work out the way you had hoped but that is not your fault.

You don’t owe them a new one. They just need to understand that some times things break and don’t function properly.

I have a fire stick and mine acts up too. For some reason it buffers a lot and doesn’t always load the way it should. Firesticks frustrate me because they don’t work very well. They are cool and convenient but they are not very reliable or sturdy. It feels like this issue is common based on my experience with them. I rarely use it because the silly thing frustrates me.

You don’t owe them another. I mean If you decide to, then that’s very kind. But don’t feel obligated to fix something that they may not have known how to use and function in the first place.

I’m sorry your friends are being so hard on you.


You don’t need to buy them a new Fire stick. Tell your friend to put their WiFi router next to their Fire stick. It might help. It might not. If these things have a WiFi 5Ghz option, tell them to turn that on, too. I’ve never had a Fire stick, but there are so many devices that do basically the same thing as a Fire stick and all of the ones under $100 sputter and buffer (and literally crumble to pieces in your hand if it’s one of the early chrome cast sticks) because they need to be cheep and they need to run on very little power so they are not good at WiFi. The WiFi router usually needs to be right next to them for them to work.

If it’s somehow actually broken (factory defect?) and new, it should have a warranty. If it’s broken and they got it used, the previous owner probably broke it.

You seem really nice, but I’m so not so sure about these friends of yours.