Gotta make a lifestyle change(mini update)

Ever since I started exercising, I’ve noticed an increase in strength but also increase in muscle fatigue. I really need to sleep more. My body is telling me that when I feel sleepy after only 10 minutes of strength training. My mobility has decreased and my legs got tired just walking about a mile to the bus stop today which was my wakeup call.

I love to stay up late a lot of the time because I feel like I have less time to relax or have fun in the day time. But now I have to make a change and I hate sleeping early. But I know becoming stronger is also important to me.

I can pick up and carry my heavy laundry basket downstairs without stopping midway on the steps or dragging it which is awesome. I don’t want to lose my progress and its gonna be tough to break my habit of not sleeping enough but I gotta try my best.


Hey Amaris,

I’m going through a similar journey. I started working out and I also have issues with muscle fatigue.

My sleep schedule is also bad because of working closing shifts at work so I stay up later and still wake up early.

These are things I try to do as much as possible to fight it. I stretch before and after my workouts to keep my muscles from locking up. I also have protein shakes after workouts to prevent the soreness. And if it’s really bad I use a massager. I still feel the fatigue, but don’t give up. Strength comes from the stress. Don’t push yourself to far.

You got this, make the changes you need to make to see yourself succeed.


Hey @Amaris

That’s really great that you are taking these steps to improve your health and life. I commend you for working on getting stronger. I think that is really cool. I hope this doesn’t sound too overbearing but I really recommend you speak to your healthcare provider to make sure that you are not overtaxing your body, especially if you are having weakness or feeling sleepy after only small amounts of exercise. It would be good even if there is nothing to worry about, as you would know you have a clean bill of health as a starting point. And they may have some tips for post/workout recovery too.

I also have the struggle adjusting to a earlier sleep schedule so can agree it really feels tough to make yourself go to bed earlier, but I think that is a great idea. As you continue to enforce that early bed routine it will be easier. Also you may find that you start to wake earlier and have some free time on the other side of the clock so to say.

Wishing you wellness, resolve, strength in the coming new year/Mish


From: twixremix (Discord)

hi amaris! this is such a fantastic and admirable goal you have - to get stronger both physically (muscles) and mentally (perseverance of making sacrifices like later bedtimes for your strength training). i believe in you with everything i got that you’ll reach the results you’re training for and continue on in that healthy lifestyle. this strength training and overall exercise will also benefit your mental health which rocks!! when it comes to your sleep schedule, structuring your time will be key (keeping all exercise in a time window, planning for a shower, work hours, etc.) and sticking to that schedule. your progress will also help you feel rewarded and that all this is worth it in the end. you got this, amaris! love, twix


From: ᏒᎧᏕᎥᏋ (Discord)

Hi @Amaris Have you seen a doctor? There could be other reasons you’re so tired. I’m really happy that you’re trying to make improvements that’s really great. Being active improves our state of mind too and just makes us feel good. I was so big at one point, just walking to the end of the driveway to get the mail was exhausting. I started slow and within a month I was going around the block a couple times a day. So, listening to your body is a good thing to do. ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi friend, I think its great that you are starting this new regime of self care, health and fitness it will do you the world of good in so many ways but you have to be sensible about it, if you are doing more and not sleeping then you are going to be more tired, it makes sense. So you have to also take care of that part of your care too. Also if you sleep more you will want to do more and you will feel fantastic. I wish you luck with all of your new edeavours. Much Love Lisa. x


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