Graduating in 2024

I am nervous about graduating next year, it’s so nerve racking. I don’t want to leave my school family. My senior friends are graduating this year, and I am going to miss them so much. It really hurts to see them leave, especially when I have known them for a very long time. I have been at that school for almost 6 years.


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Hi, Katelynn. Thanks for posting here!
Leaving is tough. It really is.
I would like to encourage you to consider that you can still remain friends with people, though! Especially with today’s internet, you can stay in contact and hang out (even if virtually).
I want to also mention, though, that staying in contact takes more effort as time passes - in school, you have a somewhat common schedule, but as people pursue their lives, it can be a bit trickier to manage…but it’s still possible and very doable!


Hi there @Katelynn,

Thank you for reaching out here. I really do understand the feeling of being worried about missing friends and graduating as a whole; it’s scary to try to figure out what comes next! There are many options and it might even become overwhelming. With that said, I think you’ll find that graduation gets less scary as it approaches because you’ll likely have spent months “winding down” your high school experience and will have time to think about and sort out what comes next, including how to manage the friendships you’ve made during high school.

For context, I’m a senior and will graduate next week, so I remember my junior year well. I remember having similar concerns about graduation, but these have been significantly alleviated by now because I’ve made plans to stay in contact with school friends and even some teachers who I’ve particularly loved working with. I hope you’re also able to stay in contact with your senior friends.

I’m wishing you all the best in this transition into senior year, and hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling senior experience. And, if things aren’t feeling great or you have anything to share during senior year, please don’t hesitate to share that on the forum – we’re here for you.

Thanks again for sharing with us and for reaching out!
<3 Tuna