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Graduation and Stress

Long time no post I guess.

So, I graduate on the 28th of May of this year (Yaaaaayyy!!!), and I have 40 hours worth of overdue homework (20 hours 50 minutes worth in Chemistry, 6 hours 3 minutes worth of ELA, and 13 hours 2 minutes worth of Econ). I only have 2 weeks left to finish and I’m worried about how I’m like with homework that I won’t get it done in time. I’m going to be doing a hecc ton of all-nighters just to get caught up before my goal day of the 21st or 22nd, because I’m going to be receiving my new 12.9 inch iPad Pro that my mom pre-ordered for me on April 30th on the 22nd… Or it will be shipping on the 21st and probably arriving on the 22nd.

All of this is stressing me out. Even more so because I hardly have been doing any homework this past weekend because of my aunt, older cousin, and 2 little cousins spending the night from Thursday into tomorrow, plus I had gotten my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and today I had a bad headache and was extremely tired and slept almost all day today.


That a lot stress man, homework sucks. I can’t really did my homework in high school. Graduation is also a lot of pressure. However, school is not the end all, also you can do the best you can. Just focus on passing, instead of getting a high grade. Still takes some break in between too. You got this!!


Hey Alex,

First off, congrats for all your efforts, perseverance and resilience. I know you had some tough moments this year when homework was really overwhelming. But do you remember how you finally managed to handle it like a champion? At the moment, you felt like it would be absolutely impossible to handle, yet you did it and was so proud to share your accomplishment with us here. Once again: you got this, friend!

You can do a lot in this amount of time, but once again it will require a bit of organization and planning at first. It may seem like wasted time at first to actually schedule your homework, but in the long run it will actually help you to save a lot of time (and maybe avoid all-nighters as a bonus?).

So, first things first, and if you haven’t already, try to set a weekly schedule in order to have a clear idea of how much you can accomplish in one day/one week. Take in account the possibility that some unexpected things can happen (as you said: not feeling well, someone at home…). Doing this will help you A LOT to reduce the stress. It won’t make it all away, but it will seem more achievable and manageable. Overall, don’t forget to take care of your basic needs during this last streak: healthy food, hydrate, sleep, getting some fresh air, stretching/a bit of exercise (even just a short walk). Make sure your body can be at its best as well. :slight_smile:

Overall, try to take what you’ve learned from your past achievements, keep what actually worked for you. Don’t be afraid to use it again and compose your own studying pattern.

Alex, YOU.GOT.THIS. May the force be with you. We believe in you! You’ll get there. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you, and heh yeah… Whenever my mom tells me to write down my assignments, I always think it’s a waste of time because it’s taking time away from doing my homework… But in the end when I finally do write my stuff down, it makes it easier.