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Gratitude = Growth

Today on Instagram Live we made gratitude lists! Five minutes of gratitude every day is proven to increase a person’s happiness by 10-25 percent, which is MORE than if you’re income was doubled.

Our community came together to create a list of all of the things we are grateful for today!
Here is what we came up with!

HeartSupport Community Gratitude list (thank you to all who participated!)

  1. Nutella iced lattes
  2. Fluffy puppy snuggles
  3. Finishing school projects
  4. Zoom Birthday Parties
  5. Kind people who have provided shelter
  6. Jake’s home workout videos
  7. Lady friend group
  8. Baby brother
  9. Runs by the beach
  10. New music and podcasts
  11. Dan and Casey and their streams
  12. Positive attitudes during difficult times
  13. comfort food, specifically pretzles
  14. My cat!
  15. Working and still having a job during this time
  16. Korean BBQ
  17. Board games
  18. Healthcare workers
  19. Video games especially 2K
  20. All of the random ways people are supporting each other and coming together during this season
  21. Strawberry ice cream cones
  22. A newly published website
  23. Playing soccer
  24. ABR’s new album
  25. church
  26. Cartoons that keep kids occupied during the day
  27. My daughter who is staying positive during this time

If you’re having trouble coming up with things to be thankful for today here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Was the weather nice?
  2. Did you eat something delicious?
  3. Were you able to connect virtually with a friend?
  4. Did you try something outside of your comfort zone? (this gratitude list could be just that!)


My challenge to you is to create your OWN gratitude lists! Once you create a list with at least five items post a picture below!

BONUS POINTS: if you post a picture of your gratitude list on Instagram and tag @heartsupport!


This is great! Thanks for sharing! Super good to stay thankful!


Thanks I am grateful for

1.) Dan, Casey, YOU, John, Nate and all of the heart support staff. The fact that you guys continue to pump out all of these streams so that we have a place to hang out, talk and be a part of one another during a really hard time. I couldn’t express enough how awesome I think that is and how much of an impact you guys make in our days by giving us that space. So THANK YOU.

2.) I am thankful for my partner and that we are safe. That we get to be together everyday. That we are close in relationship and carry a very good friendship. Making this time a little bit easier.

3.) I am thankful for the amazing friend that paid for a pack of 120 Ohuhu markers for me so that I can color and learn in a new medium. Art is my outlet and it has been important to keep several mediums around me for me to do. My energy levels fluctuate a lot and I have enough stuff around me that works with almost all levels of energy.

4.) I am thankful for our mods. Who continue to help keep this community safe and deal with the crud as it comes in. Faithfully, responsibly and with love.

5.) I am thankful for @Danjo who has let us as a community share our line work and feel a part of a bigger purpose. Giving to the world. And being able to see people using the things we give and share. That is a huge boost in all of this. It feels good all around. It also encouraged me to try something digital!

6.) I am thankful for a roof over my head. And my partner’s parents who provide us a place to stay while we get on our feet.

7.) I am thankful for my small circle of friends.

8.) I am thankful for the small things like coffee, Netflix, Disney Plus.

9.) I am thankful for ANIMAL CROSSING. Haha! It has filled my time with smiles and laughter. Given us all a cheerful place to hang out with friends.

10.) I am thankful for all the new changes that are taking place on the wall! And that @NateTriesAgain lets us be a part of that. DUDE THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! For all the hard work to help provide us with a safe and comfortable place to express ourselves.

I love this community and this family <3


KItty this is AMAZING!! I am so thankful for your heart and the way you LEAD this community so well! You have such incredible impact, and I LOVE THIS LIST!!



  1. I thank God for loving me.
  2. I am still alive and I am not dead yet.
  3. My family who loves me unconditionally regardless of my mistakes.
  4. Friends who still love me.
  5. Music for being an important part of my life.

Wake and Thank, baby!

  1. For “day dates” with Ellie and the joy that she brings me when we get special one on one time…also for cuddling with her till we both fell asleep last night…I love getting to be her daddy
  2. For my desk with all of the decorations that delight me, the painting from our stream retreat, the flower from @danjo from the gala, my wedding book with my wife, our decade-long beautiful and crazy history together, my TC badge, WT badges, a few things I’ve made, a log from the retreat I went on last year, my journals, some stickers, and lots of reminders of adventure and fun and joy
  3. For outside and sunshine and walks and our cul-de-sac, and reasons to be outdoors and active, for the way that moving makes my body feel good, for the way sunshine feels on my skin, for the beautiful, crisp green of spring, for the breeze, for our hammock
  4. For water and food and health in this crazy time, for ice cold glasses of milk, for eggs (so hard to get at the store!), for lots of home-cooked meals, for massive glasses of water, and for not having to be afraid because my health is good, I am young, and we are quarantined
  5. For HeartSupport, for the opportunity to have reminders to work on my own mental health, for the joy of inventing and trying and failing and trying again, for my wife who framed the human experience so beautifully and redeemed my perspective of failure, for the hard work that my teammates do, for the joy of giving our best and getting the opportunity to do good

LITTY 5000. Love this, thanks for the exercise @taylorpalmby


I am grateful for:

  • Being alive. Breathing. And being safe.
  • Knowing that all the people I love are safe and doing okay.
  • My sister. For being her. Our silly and serious conversations. Having the possibility to discuss together even if we’re living far from each other.
  • Having at least a chance to recover from my current health issues. Having access to healthcare despite my situation.
  • All the coloring pages that Danjo and people in the community have been sharing. I’m really enjoying them! It helps me to relax and it’s a great occasion to practice a little.
  • Spring weather! Feeling the warm sun. Seeing nature rising again.
  • The incredible kindness and compassion of the medical staff, despite the stress/overall situation right now. Also grateful for all the essential workers who are allowing this world to keep moving on.
  • Indoor gardening. Seeing my plants growing and enjoying the change of weather. My dwarf jade plant is beautiful and is ma babyy - had to brag a little. :blush:
  • Having enough time to read again. I enjoy the peace that comes with these moments, the sensation while turning the pages, also the smell of the books.
  • Photography. The peace and/or excitement that comes with it. Doing this helped me when I was at my lowest. Been practicing as a hobbyist for a long time and I can’t wait to be able to get back to it. It gives me some purpose.
  • Silly or cute memes/gifs that brings a smile.
  • Video games. For the insane amount of choices now and possibilities to have fun, depending on what we like. Also for the inspiring creativity that many people express through this medium.
  • The friends that I found here in this community. Also this community in itself. Its purpose. I feel blessed for being here.
  • All the people who inspire me to keep moving on, to keep trying, to keep growing. By being who they are. By saying what they say. By doing what they do. Whether our paths crossed for a short or a long time.
  • Spending hours to look at night skies - when the weather allows it.
  • Music in general. Listening to some inspiring musics. But also for still being able to play a little.
  • Little objects/positive reminders where I live.
  • The exercises like this one on the SW that helps to take some steps further everyday. All the work you’re doing guys, your commitment and dedication to make this world a better place.

I like to think that there are many other things to add, but I’ll leave it here. Thought I couldn’t find anything at first. But here it is, surprisingly. :heart:


I am grateful for:

  1. Growing in my relationship with God.
  2. @taylorpalmby for the love and support she continuously provides me with and just being a huge ray of sunshine in my life!
  3. My new medication working as well as it is to stable out my mood and silence some of the suicidal thoughts that I was battling daily for years!
  4. Still having a job and being able to continue working and having some type of normality in such a chaotic time.
  5. This community and being able to have a place I can call home and people I can call family.

you are just my sweetest friend, ilysm


Just got done with my final session with my Better Help counselor. It was so much fun, and it was cool to reflect on the growth that I’ve had over the past year working with her.

She challenged me to continue to practice gratitude, because it gives me the opportunity to shift from living my life based on external voices and to practice experiencing contentment / satisfaction from an internal voice – I decide that this thing is something that brings me joy or thankfulness, versus believing that my day went well because the world or expectations or standards told me that I was productive.

So I wanted to revisit this list and throw 5 more things I’m thankful for:

  1. I’m thankful for my counselor! I’m thankful for @danjo for going above and beyond in our partnership with Better Help to secure me the opportunity to have this past year to learn and grow. It was a complete answered prayer, as I had literally been praying for a way to access counseling for a few months prior. It was a catalyst for my growth this past year in my life and my marriage and my opinion of myself, and I’m so thankful to have had Rachel invest in me week after week.
  2. I’m thankful for the opportunity today to work with my hands, to try something new, to get the opportunity to use my tools, to get the opportunity to fail, to get the opportunity to take care of our house.
  3. I’m thankful for the rain and the cool weather and the way it feels to be wet and working hard.
  4. I’m thankful for experiencing financial peace after going through FPU and after God has provided and answered our prayers in a thousand ways bringing us out of debt and into a place of greater stability. I’m thankful for what it feels like to go to the store and not have to worry about whether or not I can afford something I need.
  5. I’m thankful for my family, who believes in me, who loves me, who delights to see me, who gives me sweet hugs, who wants good things for me, who accepts me as I am. I am thankful for a place to belong, to call home, to feel at home. I’m thankful for my wife who challenges me in a thousand ways and makes me a better human and loves me like crazy every step of the way.

What a great life!!


Today asked family around the dinner table instead of “what’s your high/low for the day?”, “what are you thankful for today?”

Today I’m thankful for the kindness of my boss to take the day to fix up my rental because projects took longer than expected.

I’m thankful for God fathering me over the past few years so that I have become capable and was able to do all of the repairs solo.

I’m thankful for the opportunities today to really fight for the truth, to believe it myself in the face of some really big lies I was facing. I didn’t do it perfectly, but I saw the fight in myself, and I’m thankful that I fought, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to improve. I’m thankful I was in the arena.

I’m thankful for our garden, the beauty my wife and I created together, for making things by hand, getting in the dirt, and converting our house into a home.

I’m thankful for our bedding – sister in law passed hers onto us, and every night feels like we’re in a freaking hotel.

I’m thankful for time with my wife before she had to leave…just talking and connecting.

I’m thankful for my bosses believing in one of my projects and putting horsepower behind it.

I’m thankful for time with my parents tonight.

I’m thankful for playing / learning guitar and using music as a way to mentally decompress.

Lots and lots to be thankful for today!!

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Currently trying to practice gratitude as a real habit, by listing at least 3 things every day in a notebook. Consistency is always a struggle, but gotta keep trying! I wanted to share the following ones from today:

  • I am thankful for the gentle kick from my doctor today, to actually stick to a routine and go outside Whether I want it or not. It has to be done. Period. “You wouldn’t miss an appointment with me or a dentist or anyone else, right? Even when you don’t want to, you would go there. So, it’s the same here.” Alright m’am. <o That was needed, helpful, and I’m so grateful to be in touch with a doctor who is so understanding. I was ashamed to have failed on Casey’s morning routine and was beating myself up for that. But I’ll work on that and try again tomorrow. :hrtlegolove:

  • I am thankul for the workout session on Instagram by @taylorpalmby. All the encouragements and kind words during the session that happened to be good reminders to me. Oh gosh it was so good. I didn’t exercise for more than a year so something for beginners was more than needed. I am so grateful for this session. And so proud to see that I AM able to do that despite the mental/physical exhaustion, health issues and fears. Just needed to stop overthinking. Will definitely keep trying!

  • I am thankful for the warm and relaxing bath I had after the workout. Not expected at all. Just decided to have this self-care moment.

  • I am thankful for the friend I’m working with on ReWrite. We started to explore the book together. It was very interesting and great to see that we’re on the same page about that. We do it at our own pace and it helps to discuss about it, to reflect on each other experiences. <3


I love this community and the encouragement and love I find here :heart:

  1. Im thankful for the high school students I work with and that because of zoom I still get to see there faces every week

  2. Im thankful for long runs

  3. Im thankful for my little sister and the nights that we stay up late together watching movies

  4. Im thankful for my professors and how great and understanding they have been with transitioning all our in person classes to online.

  5. Im thankful for my aggressively affectionate cat

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Amazing list @Loveinflyleaf! A special mention for your “aggressively affectionate cat”, haha. It’s lovely. :hrtlegolove: :cat2:

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Heartsupport. I’ve realized a lot about myself while involved in this beautiful community. I’m so glad I could create a new account today and start fresh. I love how much the people running this actually cares. I love how much the community works together to build each other up.

  2. Spaghetti. I get dinner tonight. Breakfast was cut short so all day long I was wondering what would be my dinner not being able to remember ingredients in the kitchen, until I realized I had sauce and noodles. I even have ground beef if I want to try cooking it tonight.

  3. Fans. We borrowed a fan from another department at work for like a month or so. A few days ago they reclaimed it. Today I was sitting in our break room that was loud and I was not even sweating…I look up after being at work enjoying the fan for 2-3hrs. And realized they gave it back to us

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