Grief just never ends

me and my family celebrated my cousin’s birthday last weekend, and it’s been a month since my older uncle passed away. after we returned home, me, my mom, my brother and my sister-in-law had a long conversation about him and other people who aren’t here anymore - my grandparents, my other uncles.
everytime I think about them, I wonder why I’m still alive, since all the good parts of me are just going away year after year. everyday I beg for a sign life’s worth living; I feel I have nothing but the weight of surviving.


Hi Alambradas,
its been a while, thank you for sharing and coming back to us.
first of all, i am sorry to hear about your losses. my toughts are with you and your family.
grief is often something that can take a long time to overcome. it also can come back. many people can relate,
me also. my grandpa, grandma, stepfather and many people that i know. recently in sommer a colleague from
work suddenly passed away was mentioned at our conference at work. it still makes me sad, because now would
be the time, i would work with him.
we all suffered from grief, it is part of our lifes, part of the cycle we go through. years go by and many loved ones are gone.
but also, we are suffering because we still hold these good feelings, good times shared with them, with us.
be grateful that you had these people in your life and remember them in the best way you can.
be kind to the people who are suffering like you in these times. the weight we carry, the things we carry with us, our toughts that haunt us and the struggles that make us stumble will only be easier if we carry them together.
if we share and open up. if we talk about what lies in us. all these things, will always haunt us back, when we don’t
let go of them, when we don’t reach and speak them out.
talking helps, it is not a cliche. also a therapy or a self help group maybe. if you allow others to see what you carry,
they will help you. like your loved family, your loved friends. people that also loves you. the way you are.
the life we live, is worth living because of us people, because of the beauty that is lying in the diversity of us.
the good parts of yourself remain. the good parts of you will grow on the journey of your life. you decide where
you go. we can not change the past, but what you do now, has an effect on your own journey.
it is not surviving. it is life. its often unfair, its often hard, more often that we would like. but also all the good pieces
will come together at one point. there you are my friend. stay strong and you are worth of the beauty all of this
life has to offer. you matter ! little steps matter most. you are loved, and feel hugged :purple_heart:

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Hi there! Welcome back after so long!

I am so sorry about your loss, is the hard part of life itself. I think that the thoughts you are having right know is because of the grieve you are having, because you havent got so much time to grieve your uncle like you need. Also knowing that other loved ones that are not with you is making your grieve a harder one.

I think that when someone go away from our lives, the sadness will be there but in a different way, maybe at first the sadness will be like how are you feeling right know, but slowly and taking care of yourself maybe that sadness will transform in a nostalgic way. Maybe you wont see them with you, but you will remember them.

Now is normal that you dont see like that and is okay to grieve, but dont let yourself down and with time, like I have said, the pain will become nostalgic.

If you need anything we are here to support you.

Take care and a lot of hug friend.


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Hey Friend,

Welcome back :hrtlegolove:

I’m so so sorry for your losses and that you are struggling to find a reason to keep going. Grief is such a horrible thing to go thru, it sucks and it’s not fair. It hurts.

Having to sit and listen to a conversation about them was probably pretty hard to do, but I hope that good stories were told and you were reminded of good memories. Hold onto those good memories.

I also struggle with finding reasons to keep going. I think being curious is a good reason. Curious about what tomorrow will bring. I guess that’s something to hold on to.

You are loved.

I kmow thia feeling all too well, after my grandparents pass away i hit rock bottom prayed for death, take me away i dont want to live, but surely god didnt have up on me, was a big nope. I was depressed for a long time stood in bed, lost touch with reality, didnt wanted to do activity, my kids going to school late cause i wanted to stay homebound, was a very depressing moment of my life. Something woke me got back on my feet, started cleaning, started to be myself again,.went back to school and ever since i keep pushing myself, yes is hard and what motivate me are my kids, and knowing my school keep me living and moving.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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