Grief left to Rot

Where to even start. I lost my farther at the age of 7 due to a drunk driver and life got turned upside down pretty quick after that. Forced to grow up quicker and be supportive to my family and this constant emptiness inside that I have tried to fill various ways, yet I am not able to. I am constantly angry at the word and its ruined a lot of good relationships for me. I am at the point where if I don’t seek help I fear the situation will worsen over time. If anyone can give me some advice on how to deal with grief that I left for way too long I would greatly appreciate it.

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hey @Terick thank you for sharing.
i know people who at a young age had to grow up fast and become a big support of the family. It takes a lot and you should get a break. Im wondering like what is the emptiness you feel?

I think you may see the world is unfair because you never really got to grow up properly like others. It takes a certain kind of person to do those kind of things and I want to encourage you that that brave and strong to be that kind of person. I hope you find this that there is someone that sees your pain and to let you know you are not alone in the world.

facing grief is a tough thing cause we all face it in different ways. I faced grief to my grandfather dying of cancer with looking for the positive moments i had with him. I’ve lost friends who have died and I had to face the grief of all their deaths in different ways. But we need to face it. We need to acknowledge it. Grief is a real emotion and dare not ignore it.

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Hey Morgan, thank you for the response. The easiest way for me to explain is a black hole with regardless of success, health or things I just feel the same. Hardly have emotions except for anger and frustration when I am in a station that is not comfortable.

I’ve come to the relation that it needs to be dealt with because its eating away at me.
Me reaching out here is a step forward I would like to believe.

I appreciate the kind words and you do speak a lot of truth.

Yeah, I also get feel that black hole all the time. It makes me just feel numb. As for your situation, just sharing it and getting people to understand, at least for me, has helped me out much more.
I hope this post helped you,

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Terick, my friend. I’m so very sorry for your loss. 7 years old is a terrible time to lose a parent. I was streaming on twitch tonight and came across this post. The other viewers and I worked together to formulate a response that you can see here:

I wish you the best. -


Hey Jason, Thank you for the kind words. Sharing it with people has helped me a lot and to see that there are people that still care in this world is amazing. There is no cure for what you feel but you can feel better. Its a difficultly process but taking the first step of admitting that you can do this alone is a massive step forward. Good luck my friend.

Brain, you have not idea how much it means to me that you have taken the time to speak to me about this, I can only say thank you for the bottom of my heart. Like you said this was in June, since then a lot has happened. There is so much more to this story that is even harder to share but I managed to start speaking about it more because I realized that if I don’t make the effort in getting better I never will. I spoke to my family for the first time about everything. I’ve had to make exceptionally big decisions recently that has hurt a lot of people and there is no going back from it. Some minor changes to not fall into that same loop like my diet, exercise, music among other. My point is that everyone want things to get better but the hard truth that I had to learn is that it would not unless make the effort to make it better. Once again thank you for the effort that you have made, its truly amazing that people that I never met is willing to listen and care.



Much love to you, my friend. Well wishes to you always.