Growing pains that lead nowhere

So I have been reflecting on some things. It’s been really great being able to help and advise people around here and in a way it made me think about some stuff.

I recently got some medical test results. And apparently my liver is quite sick and now I am bound to medication for the next 6 months. The doctors and my family asked me where could’ve all the stress that caused my liver failure have come from? But I couldn’t really tell them how much I broke down after my break up and adapting to living on my own. I couldn’t really tell them how much I cried this year and consumed myself to ultimately get me the worst medical results ever. It dawned on me that my body is breaking down as I suffered because of some guy who never bothered to even care for me.

So I guess the lesson I want to share with this is please be aware that the struggles of your heart and all the pain and all the self damage will one day reflect on a medical note and one heck of a medical bill and treatment expenses. It really hurts me that I have to put my family to pay for my medication. So, please take care of your souls so that your bodies don’t break down in the process.

Thank you guys for being here for me and giving me a sense of purpose in helping others. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this. Your family love you and they want to help you. If you can’t tell them what’s going on, that’s totally ok - just keep talking to the people that love you on here. Your doctors won’t judge you for the struggles you’ve been through. They’re there to help and care for you.
Keep fighting, look after yourself. You got this <3

Hold fast


Thank you @Kayla!

Sending hugs and please be kind to yourself as well!

All love,


Hey @sodahead94,

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure it wasn’t easy being told that your liver isn’t doing too well. Don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling like you couldn’t tell your parents why, exactly, you’ve endured so much stress lately. Maybe that day will come (being comfortable enough to tell them), but until then, focus on yourself and take care of yourself. I’m sure your family cares deeply about you, so I could encourage you to work on opening up with them because communication is key in healthy relationships. :slight_smile:


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