Guess I'm older now

Welp it’s 1am guess I’m officially 23 I’m worried the actual day is gonna be alot sadder It seems like ever since dad passed my birthday turned to just a normal day I haven’t had anyone in my family ask what I might want or ask what type of cake I want or anything haven’t even had a “tomorrows the big 23 ya nervous?” I spent my whole life getting asked that by my dad but ever since he passed it seems like my brother and mom are too busy in their own worlds my brother gets hyper focused on his vacation next week every year and my mom will probably sleep all day so for now I’m laying in bed staring at the ceiling with a cat on my belly wondering what my dad would be up too right about now if he was still here


Happy Birthday friend.

I take it the passing of your father has been pretty hard on everyone.

Don’t take it personally, even if it’s hard not too; about them not asking. Maybe you could mention it? Or do something you and your father would have done together. Make something good happen. :+1:

23 was a fun year. I’m 30 now. I don’t feel like it. My 30th was kinda trashy. But some gal friends of mine took me out a few weeks after.

I hope that you can enjoy your birthday. Take care.

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Happy birthday my friend,
wish you all the best. enjoy it. :purple_heart:
I would also say, that you should not take it personally. Do something on your own.
I’d love to go hiking on my birthday, no cell phone and no cake, just enjoying nature.
You will do good.
Have a nice Birthday, feel hugged

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Happy birthday @Derpplup. :partying_face: May this day be better than you expected when you posted. You are important and celebrating your existence is truly an honor.

Birthdays have changed as well ever since my brother passed away. More so celebrations in general, but at a personal level I miss him very much on my birthday. These people that we cherish so dearly may not be present physically, but they still are in our mind and heart. They still impact us each and every day. I hope you can make some time to celebrate this special bond you had, and still have, with your dad today. During moments like these, we tend to feel their love more deeply. My wish for you today is to feel positively filled by this love.

I hope for this new year ahead of you to be marked by more live, more healing, more growth and accomplissements into becoming who you want to be, into creating the life you desire too.

Thank you for being. :hrtlegolove:

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