Guilt from dumb things I used to do

Hello, so i got this gift card from my aunt as a gift a few months ago and I didn’t use it for a while and i think part of that reason was because i felt guilty for catfishing her for the few hours i did and a couple reddit post that I posted of a few different pics of her that I deleted around an hour after I posted each. Another reason that i feel bad about all this was because when i was catfishing i used pics i found online which 1 or 2 of them weren’t fully clothed pics and a few videos of her that were from when she was at my uncles band that i also found online which just makes me feel like an idiot that I used to do that. I did use the gift card a few days ago because I didn’t want to waste her gift. I feel kinda guilty about it cause i think that if she knew what i did she probably wouldn’t of gave me the gift but maybe im just overblowing this. Do you think i should really feel guilty about this?


I just can’t stop feeling bad about doing all this stuff in the past because it’s someone im close to. I’ve come to terms with most of the other things I’ve done although those things used too bother me alot too but this situation makes me feel worse than the others because it’s someone im close too I feel terrible about it.

Hey @Hockter24,

Do you think i should really feel guilty about this?

Feeling guilt is rarely something we choose, and I’m sorry you’re feeling bad about all of this. It shows that you care though, that you’re learning from it, which is awesome, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Like everyone else here, I wish you to be at peace. Now, it depends on what you want to do in order to get there. Do you feel like letting your aunt know (aka practicing honesty) would be a way to repair your past mistake? Or do you feel like it would be time to move away from what happened, just learning to let it go as you did for the other things you mentioned before? Ultimately, the decision is yours, and no one can tell you what to feel. But you have the right to initiate a process in order to be forgiven, and to forgive yourself, no matter what this process would look like to you. You are learning from your past mistakes, and in the end it’s all that matters.


Thank you i think I would like to try to move on but nothing is off the table.

I feel that if i just move on i might never fully move on from this but if i try my best to forgive myself i prob will be able to.

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I had moment when I was younger when I used to catfish because it felt good getting the attention that people wouldn’t have given me otherwise. Like you I felt that guilt for a very long time, even after people had forgiven me. Some people I confessed to and some I did not. But you know what? I wasn’t alone.
Lots of people do it for various reasons. Some people have really bad intentions and some people just want to experience people showing them attention they’ve never experienced before.
If you’re feeling anything how I felt then you need to forgive yourself.

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Thanks for your reply I appreciate your advice.

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