Guilty over something i did

I play a game which im sort of enslaved by, the game’s rules is if u win a match u gain points, if u lose u lose points, atm im very fustrated by it because i work very hard to gain points and then lose them so quickly. Anyway an incident happened yesterday where I accidentally hurt my cat, he started coughing weirdly, i told my team mates I was going afk as an emergency was happening meanwhile my and my mum were seeing if the cat was ok.

The thing i felt guilty about was the I went back to the computer moving my mouse to i dont get kicked off inactivity as if that happened i would have losed my points but i feel so bad doing that and prioritising a game over my cats health, i knew my mum was checking up on him and i was doing both when I should have not given a shit about the game and see if my cats ok.

Eitherway my cat appeares to be feeling well, but ive spent the day in anxiety over his health as well as guilty for how stupid i acted.

I don’t know where to go from here.


Hi v4ventetta.

On-line gaming can be addictive especially the competitive kind. (Csgo, League of Legends, Fortnite) I am familiar with how it works. You want to be better, you want better rewards, higher rank atc. There is nothing wrong with these kind of games as long as you remember they are just that… games.

But when you start to forget that bad things start to happen. You will became more aggresive and toxic towards other players and then other people. You will start seeing doing other things as a waste of time. You will have became addicted to the game while in a way hating the game itself. You also stop spending time with you friends and loved ones.

If you want to avoid that try to stop playing for a few days. Take a break. Do other things like hanging out with friends or watching Netflix. It does not matter just stop playing for a while. Remember it is just a game. It is good for you as long as you enjoy it and it does not harm your health or othervise make your life bad. There are also people who act like the game is the most important thing and that you must play it. Those are idiots. Games are supposed to be fun not your second job or second school. They are games.

As for your cat. Try to play with her. They love getting extra attention :slightly_smiling_face:.

I hope this helped.


I haven’t been playing this particular game so much, im going on and off but every time i go the competative side i get depressed of losing the score i worked hard for and that makes me angry and desperate to get it back. i just felt guilty i was consumed by that instead of seeing if my cat was alright, i feel disgusted by myself.


on a seperate note i am abandoinging doing things over a different game: minecraft, im so invested in what im building im now maraphoning the tv shows i wanted to watch, spend all day everyday playing, not playing with my friend or socialising.


It is ok to be sometimes lost in a game but only for a short time. If you feel like you should be doing something else but you are playing instead try to take a break and take a walk or take a shower and then do other things that you want

Those addictive games that you have talked about are built in a way so that you basically can never win. You will be winning and then losing and than you retain your points and then lose again. It is an endless cycle. It is a bit like in a casino. Try to avoid these games or not play them as often. The can be fun but it is very easy to get addicted to one of these.

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Yeah i just never thought it would consume me so much to be moving the mouse whilst a probable emergency was happening with someone i love.


Hi @v4ventetta I don’t know a lot obout gaming as its not something i’ve ever really been into, but I do know about anxiety and how it makes you overthink and catastophize things which in turn leads to feelings of guilt that you speak of.
You obviously love your cat very much and its clear that you did indeed come to his aid along with your Mum to make sure he was ok, it was a momentary thing to move your mouse which would have had little to no affect on your little cat that also had your Mum caring for him and who like you say appears to be fine.
So maybe lets look at it from a slightly different perspective. Yesterday your Cat had a health issue that you and your Mum helped with and now he is fine, your game is also fine although you learned that gaming might be becoming a bit too important in your life??
I don’t think that is a day that you should feel guilty or stupid about its just another day that you have learned from.
I wish you and your little cat many happy moments together in the future.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


thank you :slight_smile: im feeling better about it, i wasnt sure if i was making it a bigger deal than it already was.


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