Had a friend say he was depressed on a monday but

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Had a friend say he was depressed on a Monday but in therapy and new medication. He was gone by Friday. Very sad times for everyone. Problem with new meds if it gives some people energy to act, with clarity of mind. Very sad.

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Hey friend, thank you for being so vulnerable. Thank you for sharing, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to wake up each day with such heavy feelings of loss and sadness. It must be even more difficult since your friend’s therapy and medication seemed to fail him. It’s so incredibly frustrating and confusing when the very things meant to prevent us from taking negative action seem to not work at all.

My mind often tries to find reasons for why suffering happens, and when I don’t have an answer, I feel lost. Like what do I do now? But after everything I’ve gone through, I firmly believe that there is still a purpose for everything and that there is reason to hope for another day. For me, knowing that there is a God who grieves alongside me in my pain has helped me through my darkest days. And while I don’t have an answer as to why you are enduring this loss right now, I know that you are not alone. I know that you are loved beyond imagination and that in this season of grief, you are not suffering by yourself. I am praying for you right now my friend, thank you for your courage and openness.

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I’m so sorry for your loss my friend, losing a friend is never easy. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes as much as we can try and as powerful as medicine and therapy can be, when someone’s mind is made up there is often little that we can do to change it. Being a friend and showing love to someone in their darkest time is often the most that we are able to do for one another.

As someone who takes and has taken several difference medications in the past,
I have found that although it has been very helpful for me, it never is and never will be a fix-all solution to our problems and struggles. I have found great amounts of improvement and peace in medication, yet I’ve never woken up and suddenly not been depressed or anxious ever again.

I completely understand how hurt and frustrated losing your friend must be. Suddenly not having them in your life anymore and wishing things could have been different leaves us with a pit in our stomachs.

This grief that you are feeling is very valid and every emotion deserves to be felt and experienced as it comes and goes. When I’ve experienced extreme loss, I found that after the hurt loosened its grip on me I was able to remember and fondly look back on my loved one’s life and smile at the joy and memories I was able to share with them. Even now when I think back on them I still feel the pain, yet I am able to remember them fondly.

Know you are not alone in this struggle as you are feeling this hurt. At HeartSupport we are here for you if you need any support and we love you so much. Keep your head held high my friend, you are so valuable <3

Thank you for reaching out, that’s not always an easy thing to do. My heart goes out to you, and I am so sorry for your loss.

I hope things are starting to look brighter for you. Suicide is unfortunately sometimes such a hard thing to predict, take action, and prevent.

Keep on persevering my friend and keep shining your light. You will win this. You are so loved, and your life is valued beyond measure. Never hesitate to reach out.

Stay strong :slightly_smiling_face: