Had a good and a bit a bad weekend

This Weekend was really fun, i went up to the Mountains in Alberta Canada, i got to just relax and think about my mental health problems,I also got to work on my sleep since i didn’t sleep much though the week so i got some sleep.My dad decided to take me fishing at a dam in Alberta it was getting nice an calming, when we went up to the mountains we brought our 2 huskies (dogs) they were fun to have but at times very annoying. The only bad thing about my weekend was i had to deal with a friend calling me my deadname and another friend calling me a name i don’t like her saying to me.


Hi there @Horselover200246 ,
I miss the mountains up in AB so much . Most peaceful place I have ever been /lived. What a great weekend.
Sorry that you friends did this, did you tell them how it made you feel , did they realise the mistake or was it overlooked ?
I would try to talk to them about it if you haven’t already and just see what they say. Hopefully they will be more understanding and if they are not , perhaps try take a little time away from them .
Keep up the fishing thou , sounds wonderful!


My one friend understood me about not like being called a certain name, and my other friend just over looked it. i’m mostly likely going to take a break from one if She keeps calling me by my deadname. also here is a picture i took of the mountains


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