Had to leave my therapy soon 😰

Well I’m see my therapist for about a mouth, I told a lot in dept stuff about my past mistakes, mental health , family issues and so much . She was expensive like 150 dollars per session. But she help me so much, it not for her I would be in day program. She help with so much insight, and I feel I gotten a tiny bit because it.

However, someone at the place do my DBT program and due my pharmacist they want see a therapist there and he a lot cheaper. He definitely a cool guy, and I feel comfortable doing session with him.

But I’m missed my other therapist, it hard I feel I grow much progress because of her. In addition, I have learn to let people go, and hopefully be okay more by myself. Still hard to say goodbye.


It’s hard to let go of someone that has been helpful, and you appreciate. It’s important to remember the things that you learned from her. Maybe you will have an opportunity to let her know how much she has helped you.

It’s okay to miss your other therapist. That just means that you very much appreciated her.

There is usually benefit in working with more than one therapist, because each has a unique way of communicating, relating, and teaching. The new therapist may have a way of explaining certain things that will help you understand them better.

In addition, as you become comfortable with each new person, it will help with your confidence.


Dear @Metalskater1990,

Transitions like these are tough. You have to learn to say goodbye, at the same time to trust someone else with yourself, and also to maintain some kind of continuity between the two because your growth is at the center of these relationships. A couple of weeks ago, my therapist has let me know that she is going to see her clients to a different place, one I can’t go to because that would make me spend an insane amount of time in public transports each week. Somehow, having a therapist really close to where I live helps, especially the days when I want to call them and have an excuse to not go. All of this to say: I was really distressed after hearing those news and didn’t think I would feel that way. Now we’ve been discussing the possibility of distant/video meetings instead, but it’s been quite the emotional rollercoaster until now.

I feel for you. When we have a good relation with our therapist, when it’s been very helpful and based on trust, it’s really hard to let go and feeling like starting all over again somehow, with someone else. It’s so good that you feel comfortable with your new therapist though! That alone could also be a sign of your personal growth, you know.

I wish you all the best for your future meetings. What you have learned with your other therapist will never be lost. It’s part of your story now and it is something you can always get back to, even if she is not there anymore. This is yet another chapter in your therapeutic process, and maybe one that’s going to be as fulfilling and nurturing than it was before - who knows?

Sending love your way. :hrtlegolove:

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