Hair and anxiety

Hey everyone,
This is a really stupid post but I’m freaking out. I have super bad anxiety and beyond low self esteem, I basically pick out every single flaw of myself compulsively and it’s terrible. I don’t know how to stop. But whenever something about me changes I freak out for some reason, like in my head everything has to be an exact way. Well, I recently got a haircut and asked for a tiny trim which turned out to be a gigantic chop and now my previously really long hair is at an incredibly short length forme and will take months to grow back. My anxiety won’t leave me alone about this, and as stupid as it sounds I kind of had a breakdown about it last night. I don’t want to go in public or even look at myself. Of course, it’s not just because of the hair it’s because I always look at myself this way. Really nothing about my perspective changed, just now it’s about my hair that’s the main topic of horribleness. It’s like a trigger or something. I’m really scared because it’s so goddamn hard to take months of this until it grows back… any suggestions for what I could do in the mean time? I’m really worried. Thanks so much for reading this. :heart:

this hits close to home =\ there are times and situations when a bad haircut makes other things escalate.

I don’t know what can make things better until it grows back, and I don’t know if we’re talking about lengths where a hat can make any difference. But I remember that one day, when I thought my hair was good, I took a good look at how long each piece of it was, so if i ever had to get it cut for some reason, I’d know exactly how to cut it myself. I’ve had it longer than that measure ever since, but knowing I can cut it myself if I choose to helped gain the feeling that I could control it.

Hope it grows back fast.

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I know how that feels for sure. I legit cried when I got a new haircut right before I started my freshman year of college haha. Full on breakdown mode. So I get it. It also made me realize that I had some self worth and self esteem issues to work through because like you, I kind of started picking at other things about myself and hyper focusing on them. So know that your feelings are valid even if you may feel they’re silly. We are so much harder on ourselves because we know all of our flaws, but I hope one day at a time, more and more, you’re able to see how beautiful and wonderful you are!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

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Awe thanks so much. And that’s a good idea, I should just do it myself next time. I just hate panicking so badly about it…

Thank you so much!! I’m sorry you’ve had to go through the same thing :frowning: you’re amazing and so kind, thank you <3

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