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Numbing it all away was always so much easier than to sit down and face my depression and anxiety. The constant want to abuse alcohol and drugs. To not have to deal with what is going on inside of my head.

Constantly surrounding myself with people that encouraged this behavior because it benefits them in one way or another. Once the party is over though, you’re the only person left in the room for yourself.

It took me so long to figure that out. The amount of times I failed trying I never thought I would be achieving my goals the way I am today. Getting away from the substance and facing my trauma was the best thing I could of ever done. Trauma creates change you DON’T choose. Healing is about creating change you DO choose.

In the comments write heartsupportwall and I encourage you to be vulnerable and to talk about your anxieties and depression. We’re in this together. You’re not alone and can conquer these feelings. Writing Heartsupportwall you will find yourself among others going through similar experiences. Speaking about my journey has personally helped me and it can help you too :zap:


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You may not know it but you become a powerful beacon in my life so quickly! I know how important it is to check who you surround yourself with, who you’re influenced by and who you look up to and who are those that you consider peers. Having you in my orbit is a blessing🤘 Constantly uplifting ones self and others is the way to mf BE and choosing a healthy, fulfilling path isn’t easy. So proud of you and your journey!! I’m over here cheering you on. I’ve been deep in the shit and can finally say i fully live on the other side now. You’re an inspiration mama👏

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You’ve been there for me in moments no one else could and I am honored to have you as my friend as well as inspiration. You’ve always pushed me to do better and be better and I am eternally grateful mama. I’m so proud of you for outgrowing toxic environments and never settling for less. You deserve the world and more and I’m so thankful to have given a hand in the slightest of ways on this new found project. I love you so much!!

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“Trauma creates change you don’t choose.” :sob: right in the gut.
You’re amazing and your growth is inspiring!