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Hard night for me again


Im having a hard night again. I feel lonely. I miss my ex. I just want some sort of human connection. Is anyone out there?


Everything alright? It’s normal to miss people we once cared about, especially when we feel there is not enough closure. It takes time to learn how to manage how we feel about something and learn how to manage it.


Hey friend, I totally understand how you feel.
I believe we’re in the same boat. I’ve been missing people who have gone out of my life, yet i desire someone to hold, someone to be with.

But the truth is you’re not alone. You never will be. For me, I know God’s always there. It may not feel like it, but He is. It’s hard, but if we are open, He’ll show us He’s there.
We all desire human connection, it’s normal, but breathe in each new day. Do not cry or lament over the past because it is now gone. All we have is now. This present moment, we have the choice to let go of what we’re carrying, what we want, etc and embrace what we have now. To be thankful for everything and everyone around us. There is a season for everything. But for now, i encourage you to live in the present, to choose joy in everything you do. To trust God that everything’s gonna be alright. And it will friend, i promise, God’s got you. <3 you are not alone.