Hard to find love

Why love is hard to find?
I got a lot of guys flirting with me
but I’m not interested tho.
Why can’t anyone take me seriously?


If love was easy to find, it wouldn’t be as special as it ultimately is. There’s no need to settle for a guy you don’t really like, but if anyone asks you out on a date, go and have some fun. You don’t have to commit to anything on a first date. And who knows? You might meet someone! My wife and I will both tell you our first date was just okay :man_shrugging:

The dating game sucks. With online dating, either we’re suckered into the dating world, or our friends and family are telling us we should get online and meet someone. My best advice to you is don’t do it to the point that you resent it, and if you’re sick of it take some time to enjoy yourself and don’t worry about meeting anyone. It’s actually quite freeing to free yourself of that pressure!


I have battled those feelings a lot. Love is a beautiful but complicated thing. As humans we crave companionship. It’s natural. sadly it doesn’t always come exactly when we want it to. It’s tough. ):

I’m sorry you’re struggling my friend. Do you want to talk a little bit about what’s going on and what is making you feel that way? Why do you feel people aren’t taking you seriously?

Just know that you matter. How you are feeling matters. And you are worthy of love. It takes time for sure. But keep focusing on you, the things that make you happy, healthy routine. And in time, things will work itself out.


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Hang with us. :heart: You’re a part of this community. Sometimes it’s good to hang in a place where others can relate. You don’t have to go at this alone. You’re among friends.


Thank you I am so happy that you make me understand about it. I’m happy for you and your wife.

It still hurts that some guys just dated me for fun. And everytime I open my heart again for a restart it keeps on repeating again.


Hey friend,

Man do I feel this so hard. It sucks to want love SO BADLY, and to feel so ready for it, but all of the people you view as potential partners are just playing games. It’s so frustrating to not be in control of when or how you will find love. The waiting period SUCKS, but just know you are not alone in it. I’m with you. During this time of wait, I encourage you to think about the qualities you need and want in a partner, so that you won’t settle for less. Also to focus on yourself, how can you be the best version of yourself.



I have been single all of my life, and I do want to be in a relationship. Waiting is a drag, but patience is makes us a better person. You are not alone in this. You will have an amazing man who will love you, take care of you, support you, encourage you, be there with you and for you, and be loyal to you.