Hardships, distress, hopelessness, completely overwhelmed

I lost my job, next im going to get evicted, live as a homeless person, i was just getting on my feet too. Being targetted and hr supervisors and managers were in on it.
I feel hopeless i did the steps i filed for unemployment, i had an interview 50 minutes after i got the call of getting terminated. I already knew the minute they said i was suspended for a few days. I have job interviews all week as a cook but want this warehouse one so badly. I can continue my recovery etc and get help continually.

But ya know im tired. My heart is heavy im so tired of going through this non stop issues that seem to never change. Im doing the best i can and i keep getting side swiped on life im so sick of it.
If this what life is supposed to be all the time for me man i dont want any part of it anymore. Im tired of all the hardships and i just want to give up. And i keep trying to push forward but its even more hardships and more stress and distress. I just am at my wits end. The weight of the world is so heavy and both my knees have given weigh trying to carry it. I have no control over this anymore.

I just want a peace where i dont have to rely on things thats so temper mental like im tired of all of this. I just feel like i dont want to live anymore i got that off my chest. Yet i still continue to stay and move forward hoping life gets better but man im tired… im so tired… ive been hoping since i was a kid and im in late 20s. Tired of struggling my whole life and i feel like im the only one dealing with all of this. I just want to breathe thats all im asking in life.


Yes, you are dealing with a lot and it must be exhausting. It does feel lonely to be struggling while others don’t seem to be struggling as much. It is true, no one is dealing with the same challenges as you. Everyone is unique, and each person’s perception of the world around them is also unique. Therefore, it’s reasonable to say “I’m alone in my struggle because no one else knows exactly what I’m going through.”

Every one of us is on our own path. Still, we can be there for each other and do our best to understand each other’s paths. No two paths are the same, but there are a lot of similarities and that can be helpful. Here, you are surrounded by people who want to understand and support you, so even though your path is unique and no one can walk it for you, you are not really alone.

I hope you can negotiate something with your landlord or find some temporary living arrangements. You might want to try calling 211, and see what kind of assistance is available in your area.

I admire you for being so quick to seek other employment and are willing to consider different kinds of jobs.

Sometimes, the only way to do that is to set aside some time to clear and relax your mind. As far as I can tell, each day includes some measure of struggle. That’s why it’s important to develop a technique for refreshing the mind. Sometimes it’s hard, especially if life is chaotic. There have been times when I’ve hidden in the bathroom, just so I could close my eyes, stop thinking so hard, and just breathe.

It might help to say to yourself something like “for the next hour, I’m not going to worry about anything.” We need times, especially when struggling, in which to take a break from thinking about the things that are emotionally draining.

Please don’t overlook the good things in life, even the simple pleasures like a decent cup of coffee. Changing jobs might give you the opportunity to make a new friend or two. You also might end up in a position that you enjoy a whole lot more.

Please check back and let us know how you’re doing.

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Hey friend,

@Wings provides incredible perspective in his reply, so I won’t repeat anything he’s said as he’s spot on. What I will bring to the fore, though, is the fact that you indeed are not alone. I’m so glad you came to this community because it’s filled with people who want to make sure you’re doing okay and will be there for you when you need it. like now.

life is crazy sometimes, just when we thing we’re in the clear we get blindsided by something else. It’s so easy to focus on the struggle to the point we forget to come up for a *breath of fresh air. Some things both my mentor and my father tell me constantly is that if you do enough good things for other through your day, good things are bound to happen to you. As you keep pushing through, trying and complement someone, hold a door open, something to be of service to others - what comes around goes around.

A few years ago, I was about to be evicted, lost my job due to covid lay offs, etc. On top of that I was going through a divorce. It was one of the most stressful periods of my life and somehow I was able to figure out something by speaking with my landlord and reaching out to 211. I found recourses that really helped me stabilize I was able to make it through that period of my life and somehow doors opened to where I now live a pretty insane life, experiencing things I never would have imaged doing. I say this, because ultimately, the struggle is worth it. It gives you the ability to eventually close the doors on perpetual struggle and allows you to reach back to help those who go through what you’re going through now.

Stay strong, friend. I believe in you. Do enough right things each day and good things will happen to you.