Hartsupport thanks for sharing your story my story

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Thanks for sharing your story my story started as a teenager i was molested by my brother for years never told my parents what was going on between us till my second ex wife decided to tell them

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Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that happened to you. No one should ever have to experience that pain. Keeping that inside can eat away at us and fill us with guilt and shame. Sharing your story and being vulnerable shines light on that darkness we feel inside, and once the light breaks through shame can no longer survive. I’m praying that you are healing and for strength. You are not alone and we are here for you!

Hey friend, thank you so much for being here.

Going through something so traumatic, especially within your own family, is such a painful wound to carry with you into adulthood. And to have carried that burden alone for so long must have taken so much of your energy, of your sense of peace. Having been victim of sexual assault when I was young, my heart goes out to you so very much. It leaves a mark on you that nothing else can compare, one tht is made of so much fear felt inside your very own body.

The child that you were at the time must have felt so confused, afraid and hurt altogether. Seeing your brother hurting you in such a way went beyond anything you could have imagined. You should have never been hurt in such a way. It makes sense that, even years later, you’ve felt like you couldn’t tell anyone. Going through that kind of trauma can leave us with so much shame, even if we’re not responsible at all of what happened. It took me years and years as well before talking about it, and somehow maybe that’s just the time that was needed.

It must have been such a shock when your ex-wife told your parents what happened. Suddenly, the thing you’d kept hidden for so long was out in the open, and you didn’t even get to control how or when it happened. Having something so personal and painful exposed without your consent is so hurtful, so invalidating too. I can only imagine how it must have felt like reliving all of it at once. It should have been done on your own terms, and yours only.

I imagine there’s a lot of anger and hurt tied up in that. Anger at your brother for what he did, for stealing a part of your childhood, and maybe even anger at yourself for not being able to speak up sooner, even though none of this is your fault for you were only trying to survive with the means that you had as you grew up.

I’m so sorry this happened to you, my friend. I hope you manage to find peace within after everything that happened. You matter so very much. :heart: