Hating it all

i hate everything about myself to a point where it makes me suicidal. nothing about me is good. my personality, my voice, my face, nothing. it all sucks. i hate myself so fucking much and i can see why nobody likes talking to me. somebody might say they do but i can tell it’s a lie. everything is always a lie. i just don’t understand how it couldn’t be. i’m so imperfect that it hurts. i only have flaws… i hate myself so fucking much… i don’t know why i’m here if i’m good for nothing


Would you judge anyone in the world so harshly? You don’t deserve such judgment either. I get not being satisfied with yourself, after all we are our own worst critics. However, it must be difficult to initiate any change, while you’re hating yourself and destroying your own confidence.

A lie is a deliberate attempt to deceive. Is that what you doing? I doubt it.

You and everyone else are supposed to be imperfect. The only way humans approach perfection is when they help each other out. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

How easy would you find it to talk to someone who hates themselves? If you met someone very much like you, would you hate them? I doubt it.

You are not good for nothing! Yet such self-contempt is debilitating. You don’t deserve to hurt yourself like that.


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