Haven't eaten in days, insane anxiety

From sary97: Can someone talk?========


From micro_tato: Hey there <@416135919180054529> - Feel free to share what’s on your heart here. There will always be someone to respond at smoe point, and it can help to have some context on what’s going on for you. :heart: What are you feeling anxious about, if I may ask?

From sary97: I live abroad alone. I barely have any friends here. My parents live in a different country which is very dangerous at the moment and war might erupt at any second. I am feeling completely helpless and extremely anxious. I cannot eat or do anything apart from stare at the ceiling and assume the worst.

I talk to them everyday. They tell me things are okay and that I shouldn’t panic. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help. And I dont want to vent to them as to not make them scared about me.

From micro_tato: I’m so very sorry for what you’re going through right now. It makes completely sense to feel anxious and like having your own breath hanging by a thread right now. Your family and you are facing things that are beyond your direct control and it’s hard to not assume the worst. I can only imagine the turmoil of thoughts and emotions you must be going through right now.

Please feel free to vent as much as possible here, especially if you don’t have anyone in your life you can talk to, and if it is something that you don’t your parents to worry about either.

From micro_tato: How are the conversations going with your parents overall? Are these conversations moments when you can feel like it’s possible to get a sense of what’s going on?

It sounds like what they convey is reassuring and they are taking things one day at a time - but I imagine that for you, with the distance, it’s a completely different way to perceive things.

From sary97: I just had a conversation with them now. They are reassuring me a lot that nothing is happening. They are worried about me much more than being worried about the situation there. They made me feel a little better right now and insisted that I do not check news anymore, which is honestly a good idea. They reassured me that they have people next to them in case anything happens, so I should not worry about constantly wanting to ‘save them’ because thats not really possible and only hurting me.

From sary97: Thank you so much for your kind words <@203243239359250434> , just that really helped

From micro_tato: Your parents sound so wonderful. And you too, really. It is obvious how much you care for one another in the midst of a truly awful situation. It’s good to hear that they have a plan and people to support them in case anything happens - it’s like very practical responses to the worst fears in this situation. Knowing that they are prepared and they know what to do is brilliant and so important.

From micro_tato: Of course you can’t physically “save them” right now, but it’s completely understandable to be worried for them. I would be too if anything would happen to my sister - who lives abroad. That’s truly a legitimate fear and no one would blame you for feeling the way you do. Although it’s really good to try to focus on what you can VS what you can’t do, as it helps re-frame things a little bit, and eventually feel less overwhelmed. :heart:

From micro_tato: It’s the worst with anxiety - it brings you to places that are overwhelming, but at the same time it hurts us the most. Good idea to let the news away for a while. Especially as you have contact regularly w/ your parents - they will keep you updated without the layers of fear and urgency that news on medias tend to bring. :heart:

From sary97: I don’t think you’re going to understand how much what you said has helped me. Just opening up and having someone actually take time and read about what I am going through made me feel so much better.

Thank you so much for your response, I hope you and you sister have the bestest of lives and I wish you the very best. You’re a hero.

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From micro_tato: Connections are only possible thanks to the person opening up - and it’s only normal to honor that vulnerability. Thank you for taking the step of reaching out in the first place. I know it’s not the most comfortable step to take. Please use that space as much as you need moving forward - if it’s not me, there will always be someone to respond at some point. You matter very much, and your voice always deserves to be heard.