Having a problem with somebody with depression

I am a president of a non-profit organization, and the person who has been helping me run the organization for the past 14 years has just resigned. This group is a large portion of her support network. I am concerned about her well being and best ways to help her come to terms with the consequences of this decision. She is convinced that one of the board members is plotting against her and because he sent out 2 emails to the organization, something she had primarily done in the past she thought he was trying to steal her job so she quit. I feel trapped by her depression and paranoia, and if i had known this would trigger the reaction I would have had her send the e-mails, but in the long run I do not feel I can avoid the minefield of actions that can trigger an episode so I think it’s best to accept the resignation.
Troubled friend of a depressed person

IF you do this course of action what you don’t do is Hire the guy that wrote the emails. You only confirm what she believes.

Plus if you’re her only support even if she isn’t part of the organization any more than try some avenue to still be there for her (as a friend). The others should as well if they care for her.

Thanks for your reply. Here is a poem I wrote to try and help me deal with the situation.

When you have a fire inside you, make sure you turn it into a forge. Make sure you direct that forge to making armor that strengthens you and those around you. When that forge isn’t making you smarter faster happier or better scrap it and remake it. Your human mind is smart enough and powerful enough to make everyone around you a little better. And when that forge seems to blow out they can help relight the fire inside

Hey friend!

Thanks for sharing! I would recommend that you try to establish yourself as a consistent friend and make your friendship feel immovable (which it should be). Reach out to her, offer her encouragement, be honest, and perhaps apologize that she felt attacked, devalued, or belittled. I don’t know, you know her better than us. Just be consistent and make her feel valued.

Hold fast!

Sam S.

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