Having a rough night

I have never been suicidal really. But I often just don’t want to exist. Like if I could just dissapear for a while… Maybe the pain would go away.
I would never kill myself because I am super empathetic and dont want to hurt others. But I also sometimes just want to give up.
I am exhausted all the time and this week I have been so sad I can’t do much.
I know people care about me but it doesn’t matter cause I hurt too much.
I am on meds. It has helped a lot. But Right now sucks.


I’m sorry you are struggling my friend. I see and hear your pain.
I want you to know that there is someone here who cares.
I’m glad that you are on meds. That’s really good. And I’m glad they seem to help. If you continue to struggle please let your doctors know so that they can work with you. Either by adjusting your medicine or by helping you find resources so that you can get feeling better.

I will keep reminding you that you are important and that you matter. Your feelings are valid.

It can get better my friend. So much love to you.

  • Kitty